7 Date Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank for Mother’s Day

couple smiling with flowersThis is for the hubbies (cuz we mamas love their appreciation), so ladies feel free to forward this on over to your honey! :) For Mother’s Day, all your wife wants is to feel loved, appreciated and cared for— and she wouldn’t mind the day off, either. Yes, some time with the entire family is special, but so is also giving her some one-on-one! Instead of stressing over flashy jewelry or pricey gifts, she won’t forget:

Head to the Farmer’s Market Wake up early and head one of the amazing San Diego farmer’s markets together. Stroll past vendors, sample fresh produce and enjoy a brisk walk in the morning weather together. Gather ingredients grown by locals that you can use to make breakfast, and when you get home let her put her feet up while you run the kitchen.

A Photography-Filled Adventure Find a sitter and spend the afternoon walking, biking or driving through your city. Pick 12 of the most striking or historic spots and photograph them together. When you get home, upload your pictures to a website that will make them into a wall calendar.

Surprise With Lunch-To-Go Mother’s Day is on a Sunday, so while a weekend celebration would be lovely, why not surprise her at work on the Friday before? Show up with Mother’s Day flowers and a lunch packed with her favorite foods. Have a picnic somewhere with a view and enjoy a mid-day conversation. If it’s too cold for an outdoor picnic, consider eating as you peruse a free museum or people-watch at the local shopping mall.

Happy Hour Hop Whether you want to drink or not, happy hours aren’t just good for cheap drinks; they can also be a fantastic way to get some delicious cheap food. Even the delightful restaurants that you usually tend for Mother’s Day dinner usually offer superb deals on appetizers if you eat in the bar after prime dinner hours. Go from restaurant to restaurant, trying an appetizer from each one. You’ll get a pleasant little sampling of food and drinks and save some money in the process.

Go Shopping Skip the mall and head to a thrift store instead. Make a list of items you and your honey have to find and document with a photo, such as corduroy pants or an ugly Christmas sweater. If you don’t find everything on your list, make it a scavenger hunt and walk around until you do. Consider putting “candle light dinner” or “hand-picked flowers” as the last item on the list.

Take a Tour If you live near a brewery or a chocolate factory or specialty shop, why not take a free tour together? Not only will you learn some valuable information (because that’s the reason everyone takes tours, right?), but will also gain some free food and/or beverages. Plus you can have fun canoodling with each other as the tour guide rambles on about all the details while you desperately search for more samples!

Give Each Other Massages Maybe you can’t offer a spa trip for two, but you can still make the day memorable by giving each other full-body massages. Put on a movie for the kids and reserve the next two hours for you and your sweetie. Buy scented massage lotion, set up candles and fix a “Do not enter” sign on your door. Enjoy! :)

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