A Surprise Gift from My Deceased Grandma

Our Late Dog, Buddy Boy
Our Late Dog, Buddy Boy

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I have great appreciation for this poem written by my maternal grandmother (who passed away many years back). I felt so blessed, recently, to read it for the very first time – decades after she had written it!

I love how she capitalizes the “d” in “Dog” and conveys with such simplicity a concept that runs deep.

I hope you enjoy it.



I want my grandchildren to have a Dog

Or maybe two or three;

They’ll learn from them much easier

Than they will learn from us, and me.


A Dog will teach them how to love,

And bare no grudge or hate;

We are not so good at that ourselves,

But a Dog will do it straight.


I want my grandchildren to have a Dog

To be thier pal and friend,

So they will learn that friendship

Is faithful to the end.


There never yet has been a Dog

That learned to double-cross,

Nor catered to you when you won,

Then dropped you when you lost!!

~ Ellen Bennett

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    • This is the only poem I have seen of hers! I hope there are more out there. English was her second language, but she sure conveyed something quite special!

  1. That is a lovely poem! I debate over the idea of getting a dog for my kids and this made the teeter-totter tilt more in their direction ; ) You certainly found a treasure.

    • We don’t have Buddy Boy anymore, but we do have another now, named Spot. Love having a little pooch around the house.

  2. This is such a beautiful poem. Thank you SO much for sharing as it will touch many others who have also lost their little loved ones during our Celebration of Life ceremony.

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