Albertson’s and popchips Offer a Trip to See Katy Perry in LA!

popchips katy perry campaign

Sponsored ad from popchips with a little SDBM touch:

Sweet & salty kettle corn popchips,  a private performance by Katy Perry, a free hotel stay, $250 in cash… Um, do I have your attention, yet?

Hope so!  Word of this special offer came our way, and we are thrilled to help popchips share it from the purple mountaintops and above the fruited plains (OK, from California’s coast, to be exact, but no complaints, here!)!


VIP Package to See Katy Perry in LA! 

For the month of August, Albertson’s & popchips are giving away a VIP package for two to see a private performance by Katy Perry in LA! The package includes hotel stay, $250 cash & 2 tickets to private concert.

To enter visit

About Katy’s kettle corn/popchips:

  • First of all, have you tried this sinless snack yet? Grab an extra bag, if not, as you might want one just for yourself!  Singer-songwriter Katy Perry has been enthusiastically introducing across the U.S. the newest addition to popchips’ award-winning line of snacks – Katy’s kettle corn, a sweet & salty popped corn chippopchips katy-perry bag
  • Katy Perry’s own unique flavor captured both her passion for popcorn and craving for the classic sweet & salty flavor of kettle corn. The result: a naturally delicious popped corn chip with just the right balance of sweet & salty. Chips enthusiasts are happy to know that popchips have less than half the fat of fried chips, fewer calories and none of the fake colors or flavors that have many of us moms thinking twice when we push the ol’ shopping cart around. Plus popchips don’t leave red or orange stains on the kids’ hands for a week (My girl:  “Ewww, imagine what those colors do to our insides!!” – lol)!
  • Katy Perry shared, “popchipshad never ventured into sweet territory before, but i wanted to add my personal touch when creating a flavor, so I rallied behind the idea of kettle corn. When I snack, I crave a little bit of sweet and a little bit of salt, but I had yet to find a healthier way to satisfy those cravings.”
  • Katy also put her own unique twist on the packaging, from the pink and purple colors and spotlight to the heart over the “i” in the popchips logo.

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Plus, don’t forget to enter to win the Albertson’s VIP package!

Disclaimer:  SDBM was paid for this ad.  All opinions are my own, however. 

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  1. Hai my name is Jaden Anna and I’m a singer music is my passion and Katy is my idol and it would be a dream come true to meet her!!!ive always wanted to see her in concert but we’ve never had the money.Please make my dream a reality!!!luv u Katy!! ❤

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