How I Became Organized for Success!

If Clutter Could Talk - Miss OrganizedWhat a great way to start 2014!  San Diego’s Miss Organized contacted me recently to see if I would be on her radio show, and I am more than delighted to not only be her guest on WS Radio @2pm, but to also discuss why I actually became her case study referred to as “Heather” in her book, If Clutter Could Talk the Stories it Would Tell! I am honored that Tracy devoted the last chapter to sharing my journey entitled, “Stop Should’ing All Over Yourself” which is poignantly expressed, if you ask me, and still hits home!

Getting Organized is a Process

I (finally) two days ago immersed myself in her delightfully insightful book and, yes, I confirm that the last chapter was 100% me (she had me pegged, I must say!)! I had not realized that the clutter-cleaning guru Tracy Paye of Miss Organized Professional Organizing Services over the years had been recording my progress by taking notes of my “journey,” which (is hard to believe) began five years ago!

To clarify, I was not the kind of “hoarder” you see on those TV reality shows, but I surely had (and still do have tendencies) to default to habits that don’t serve me nor my family well and that take TIME and diligence to keep in check!  I was the type that was super-organized and orderly, except in one or two (or three) spaces (catch my drift?), which, interestingly enough are highly crucial spaces for building success (like the desk, for starters!) and for paving the way to a more orderly life! Interesting, right?! I was a collector, by nature, which has its plusses and negatives.  Today, I am turning in those plusses to very meaningful, yet long-term, projects, and have much greater clarity as to how to tackle them!

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Time for a Tune-Up

Tracy’s contacting me recently is ideal timing (new year and all!), and gave me a virtual tap on the back to check my work space, once again.  Tracy never said a thing, I just needed to hear her voice! I had made great strides over the years, but needed a few-hour “tune-up” in the office, as my big focus in 2013 was completing my attic project.

puzzleMy photo below shares what just three hours in one afternoon accomplished (a few days ago), but to do such so easily in the past would have been a different story!  I now return to my work space and feel a major sense of relief and joy (and I admit it, I got a bit misty at how free it made me feel)!  I look at my work environment now similar to how I look at the company I keep, the food I consume and the exercise I get.  One might not make such correlations for themselves, but, for me, they have more in common than I realized.

Does Your Desk Represent Your State of Mind?

In just a few hours my office space became inviting and freeing!
My 2014 Tune-up:  In just a few hours my office space became inviting and freeing, again!

Tracy, thru her major SKILLZ, warmth and humor has helped me “clear the clutter” in more ways than one.  Part of making the major commitment to create a very organized household and work space is to understand why one defaults to self-defeating patterns, but those revelations, in my opinion, are not as important to “get” when you start your journey (the lessons will come in their own time!), but what is crucial is a commitment to clear out the old, so the new can enter (metaphorical, but the TRUFF!).

I Get Candid

On her show, I will share how that indeed, has for me, both personally and professionally  – definitely a topic that I know hit homes for many of us moms-on-the-go and/or entrepreneurs.

Tracy Paye and Stacey Ross
Tracy Paye and Stacey Ross

I am going to very open as to the very arduous, yet therapeutic process that “cleaning house” has had in my world.  If you can’t tune in, please visit this blog post again and I will for sure link the 1/2-hour segment here!

Entered 1/11/14:

Also, you can watch Tracy on the San Diego 6 morning show on Monday, 1/6 at 8:20a, where she will be sharing tips on keeping your desk organized and quickly and efficiently reducing your paper piles.


  1. I’m so looking forward to listening to this segment! It is true – we can be so organized in some areas and then a total mess in others. Not sure why I have such a strong resistance to organizing my business stuff…. I am guessing the first step is to de-clutter. So, I’m going to make a conscious effort to do that in January!

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