Flourishing After Adversity – A Hera Hub Event

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The following post is a #FlourishingAfterAdversity Hera Hub event I am helping promote and host.

Ever meet certain people who, despite experiencing major life hardships, moved forward successfully, creating abundant and fulfilling lives for themselves? I am one of those who is very moved when I meet survivors of immense struggles such as death, acute or chronic illness, abuse, an accident, trauma, major loss, etc., yet have managed to embrace their challenges, tackle them and build new and thriving lives for themselves!

I am proud to promote and help facilitate an upcoming workshop called Flourishing After Adversity. Two San Diego colleagues of mine have made part of their life’s mission to openly and candidly share with others their such journeys, as well as the tools they used to manifest light from darkness!  By being transparent with their life triumphs, these two amazing San Diego women offer inspiration, hope and tools for others to gain from in their life journeys. Recognize them, yet?

Felena Hansen and Renee Kohn
Felena Hanson and Renee Kohn
Felena Hanson, Founder of Hera Hub
Felena Hanson, Founder of Hera Hub

Felena Hanson (see her SDBM Business Spotlight)

At age 22, Felena Hanson, founder of Hera Hub, experienced a massive trauma when her car was broadsided by a fire truck, resulting in 27 broken bones in her arms, legs and face. She spent three weeks in Intensive Care and was told by physicians that she would not walk again. Following a long, painful rehabilitation, she proved the doctors wrong.

This event, coupled with a subsequent challenging divorce and three job layoffs by age 30, provided Felena with a strong drive to succeed, an unstoppable desire to live every day to the fullest and to never accept a NO when she has a goal to achieve (watch this New York Times feature on Felena).

“The accident gave me an incredible perspective on life.  I believed that because I survived it, I must have been put on this earth to do something important.  I also learned very early on that none of us knows when our last day on this earth might be and we must live each day as if it was our last! ” ~ Felena Hanson, Founder of Hera Hub

Renee Kohn at Disneyland
Renee Kohn at Disneyland

Renee Kohn (see her SDBM Business Spotlight)

Renee Kohn, feature reporter for San Diego’s Channel 6 News, has shifted a painful young life experience into a passion for helping others. Until the age of 21 she felt worthless and valueless. By grappling with her pain, and breaking through, she was able to transform herself.

 “On the outside, everything looked great. Inside, I was dying and filled with pain, suffering, and self-hatred.  20 years ago, I made the choice to start healing (and looking at my own inner demons) and my spiritual journey began…”  ~Renee Kohn, Renee Kohn Healing

Renee’s new positive, powerful image has served her well as a talented journalist and also as a dynamic emotional healing coach. Renee is passionately committed to supporting and guiding others through the pain to hope, healing and self love.

Silhouette of a girl jumping over sunsetFlourishing After Adversity

Join us and be inspired as these two prominent San Diego women share intimate details of their challenging journey from adversity to success.  Felena and Renee will relate their touching experiences and lessons and lead participants through two game-changing exercises. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to unleash a “new, more powerful you!”

Part 1 – Beyond Adversity Unique stories and perspectives of thriving after adversity

Part 2 – Taking Off the Mask – Renee leads participants through a candid look at the persona we portray to “just get by.” Learn how to show the “real you”!

Part 3 – Let’s be Heard – Put down your mobile devices and experience what it’s like to “really” be heard. Renee will model what it means to receive the full attention of another person and to be “understood.”

Event Details

We hope to see you at this powerful, inspirational event to take place at Hera Hub, San Diego on April 3, 2014 from 6 to 8:30pm.  Pay the low price of $39 (refreshments included), $49 at the door!

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Disclosure:  This is a for-profit event for Hera Hub, SDBM and Renee Kohn Healing, but mostly an opportunity to be inspired.


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