Black Friday Tips

Are you willing to go the extra mile to save a bundle? Here are some good tips for preparing for one of the biggest shopping days in the US – the day after Thanksgiving, or “Black Friday”.

1. Make a list of things that you are set on buying and do the research at home before hitting the pavement. Check online sites such as, and that have Black Friday store ads well before the special day.

2. Know the store return policies and price-match policies. Take your store flyers with you and be sure to keep your receipts (make sure to get a gift receipts for each individual gift item) stashed for safe keepings.

3. Utilize online price comparison sites such as and, and you will be armored with knowledge of what prices are actually good deals. Save yourself a trip to the store and consider buying online specials, as online deals will be noteworthy as well!

4. Check out where the late owl specials or early bird sales are to occur and plan out your strategy. The experience is a kick-off for the season that many consider losing sleep over!

5. Wear comfortable clothes and have snacks and water on your person. Consider the amount of time you are willing to wait in line, as you will have to pack accordingly!

6. Be aware of your purse at all times and travel in partners to stay safe. Park in well-lighted areas and secure your valuables.

7. Consider shopping online the day after Thanksgiving. On “Cyber Monday” your favorite brick and mortar stores offer huge deals online, as well. This “sport” is not for everyone (especially after turkey and potatoes), but to many savvy shoppers this experience is long-awaited (I will think of you from my warm bed!) Have fun!

Stay posted for more tips to come, including prepping for Cyber Monday! Have any tips? Leave us yours below!

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