Why My Being a Blond Never Really Paid Off

How much do you pay to change your appearance?
How much do you pay to change your appearance? Me (Stacey Ross) as a blond over 20 years ago!

Have you ever stopped to think about how much time and energy you focus on your outward beauty? I am talking far beyond the typical inclination to appear attractive, well-groomed and presentable?!

I just had an engaging conversation with a close friend (actually, my husband!) and I shared with him that I had calculated that between the ages of 18 and 30 yo. I had spent approximately $10,000 on being a blond (OK, including cuts). Now that I am in my mid-forties I see that as pretty absurd, considering the income bracket I was in.  But tell that to a twenty-something year-old…

I will never forget when that “light bulb” went off during one very significant trip to the bank; what flashed before me was the reality that had I remained a brunette, which my DNA dictated, I would have been far more empowered at that precise moment – that unforgettable transaction. While, indeed, I was proud to be single woman purchasing my first home in North County San Diego (2001), it dawned on me in a very eye-opening way that $25,000 vs. $15,000 as a down payment for my little condo would have panned out far more rewarding in time.

I also will never forget the liberating day I went natural (which happened to, interestingly enough, be the same summer I needed to fork up that cash!).

Big regrets, here? No, not really; I have not lost sleep over it. It is just, yet, an example of how women tend to focus their (OK, our) energies on external beauty as top priority, and how later in life it becomes far, far less relevant in the bigger scheme of things.

Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o gave a speech (video below) that is beyond beautiful, and I must commend her for sparking a little something inside of me!

This compelling video, I believe, should be seen by all females – particularly girls!  I challenge you to share it!


    • Mary, you have a point. I am not one to embrace the idea of gracing the grays, as well. So for, now, I will just ride it out….

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