BumbleBébé Newborn Portraits Help Moms Capture Those Fleeting First Days!

san diego bargain mama loves Bumble Bebe.We are really glad to have been referred by one of our clients to the talented Sarah Morgan of Sarah Morgan Photography.  She is as passionate in person as her photos reveal.  We were honored to have some time recently to interview Sarah about her growing BumbleBébé division.

Hi Sarah!  Please tell us about your stand-out work and a little about yourself.

I am Sarah Morgan of Sarah Morgan Photography, where we focus on family lifestyle photography.  I live in Carmel Valley and have lived in San Diego for 9 years.  I moved here in 2003 from Kennebunkport, Maine so I am a transplant, but absolutely love it here.  My family is still back in New England so I visit often.  My fiancé and I are looking forward to planning our wedding next year as well as growing our business and expanding the BumbleBébé division.  We look forward to meeting more amazing moms and adorable babies.

We are lucky enough to capture the most special times in our clients’ lives such as newborn and first year portraits, family portraits and high school senior portraits and weddings.  Our specialty is our BumbleBébé Newborn Portraits and these sessions are without a doubt our very favorite.  Not only do we enjoy creating these fun, whimsical, sweet portraits for our clients, but we are blessed to meet so many amazing women and families, as well as get our own little baby fix.

 Please share with the readers more about “The Brand New Bumble Session.”

You will simply fall in love with these adorable, whimsical portraits of your baby and we’ve taken the hassle out of getting them made!  The Brand New Bumble Session is exclusively for baby, so there is no need for mom to search for the perfect outfit or worry about her hair and makeup.  Just get your new little bundle to our studio, sit back with a beverage & snack and relax while we lavish baby with cuddly accessories, props and backdrops.

How did you get started in photography?

After several years of working in the banking and software industries, I needed to feed my creative side.  I had always loved photography.  When attending weddings, I found myself looking back at the photographer wondering what he was doing, instead of gazing at the bride.  After watching and working with several photographers and not really enjoying the style of wedding photographs they were creating, I decided to open my own studio in 1998.  In a couple of years I was photographing 30-35 weddings a summer in Kennebunkport, Maine.  Of course, all these weddings produced babies.  When my clients began coming to me for maternity and baby portraits, I realized I enjoyed these portrait sessions as much as I did the weddings.  In 2003, I moved to San Diego and re-opened my studio here, specializing in family lifestyle portraiture.

What led you to specialize in photographing newborns and babies?

I have always loved photographing babies, especially newborns.  I felt it was such an honor to be able to capture their tiny fingers, toes, nose, etc. during a time in their lives that goes by so amazingly fast.  I also felt it was a great gift to create beautiful images the parents would cherish forever.  So many of my newborn portrait clients had expressed how much they cherished these portraits, how quickly their babies outgrew that teeny, tiny stage and how happy they were to have portraits to remind them of that sweet time.  But, convincing a brand new mom to do her hair and makeup, find the perfect outfit and get dressed up to come in for a family portrait with the new baby was really challenging.  So I wasn’t photographing as many newborns as I would have liked.  A couple of years ago when my fiancé joined my studio, we were discussing this challenge and began tossing around ideas for making it easier for moms, we realized how creative we could be posing sleeping newborns and from that BumbleBébé Newborn Portraits was born.

What does a BumbleBébé Session entail?

We have several session options for moms to choose from, which may combine maternity, newborn and first year portraits.  For newborn portraits, we ask mom to select and schedule her session while still pregnant, so we can photograph baby as soon as possible after birth, preferably within 10 days.  On the day of the session, we ask mom to hold off feeding baby until they arrive, then we let baby feed until completely satisfied and sleepy.  While baby is drifting off, we get mom a snack and something to drink and encourage her to sit back and relax while we do the photography.  We have moms that catch up on email, texts and phone calls, some bring a friend to visit with and some moms just take a nap, but they all enjoy the time to relax and unwind a bit.  Meanwhile, we photograph baby with the accessories and props discussed with mom during the consultation.  A session can take anywhere from one and half hours to three hours.  We want baby asleep and comfortable, so we take our clues from him or her, stopping to let baby nurse or cuddle as needed.  We have a saying during BumbleBébé sessions…Baby is Boss.

Do you have any secrets? 

We recommend baby be less than 10 days old.  During these first few days they are very sleepy and sleep deeply.  They are also very flexible and don’t mind us moving them around.  This is when we can get those really precious, sweet poses.  This is not to say that if you miss this window we can’t still get great portraits, we can, we just find the younger the newborn, the more agreeable they are to the poses, they sleep well and they still like being in that tucked up position.  Once they find their muscles, they want to spread out.

Do you have special pricing for San Diego Bargain Mama.com readers?

Yes, we are offering readers $50 off their session fee, if they mention San Diego Bargain Mama when booking their session.

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Phone:  858.414.9646

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