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Kristina Tsiros, Founder of Bitty Baby Bands
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Business Spotlight

Please tell us a bit about yourself! 

Hi San Diego Bargain Mama readers!  I am Kristina Tsiros.  I’ve been married to my incredible husband for a year and a half, but we’ve been together for four years. We live in Carlsbad, and I’ve lived here my whole life, although my husband is from Syracuse, New York.  I went to Cal State San Marcos and majored in art history, I worked in galleries over the years and it was always my favorite place to be! Even though I’ve always lived in California, my real “home” and where my heart is, is in the mountains. One day, I long to live in Colorado, Wyoming, or Montana, if I had the chance, and could pack my entire family in a suitcase with me, I’d leave tomorrow!

Please share with us what your business is all about! 

My business is unique, in the fact that I donate 10% of every sale to the Miscarriage Association. I wanted to do something that helped give back to a small unrecognized organization. My mission is to give the best quality, cuteness, and affordable headbands I can create! I do offer customization, and am always coming up with new designs, creations, and ways to really spark up the traditional headband with a flower.  The majority of my business is done online, via Facebook and Twitter, yet I have events with my friends who are photographers, or event planners to get out there and meet local moms!

What was your motivation to starting your business?

In November of 2011, I found out I was pregnant. I was very nervous at first, but then got extremely excited. Sadly, in January of this year, I suffered a very devastating miscarriage that threw my world into a tailspin. Through months of sadness, I was able to recover due to this business. I was able to create adorable headbands for my friends’ little girls and when I was with them and playing, seeing their loving smiles I suddenly wasn’t sad anymore; I was extremely excited to be a mom, whenever we will be blessed with a baby.

How does your background help you in your entrepreneurial efforts?

I have a very strong background in “being your own boss”.  My dad (who is my hero) had the perseverance to push through school (after he had been done for years already majoring in math) is an orthodontist because he couldn’t stand working for anyone anymore. He always instilled in me an effort to never give up, and always push what you want no matter what. Because of his and my mom’s help, I was able to really push towards this goal as I am so confident in what I do, and I love working for myself!

How does your business stand out from the rest?

My business stands out in the fact that the headbands are not expensive to purchase, and you’ll feel good knowing that you’re helping give back to a very admirable association. My products are durable, fashionable, and affordable, you can’t go wrong.

What are your wishes for growing your business?

My goals for this business is that I can be able to span all over the United States and reach all sorts of venues. I want to be able to make this my full time job, and help support my family.

What advice do you have for budding business owners?

Never give up! That’s the best advice I ever received and it’s the one that works. If you believe in what you create it doesn’t matter if you get knocked down, there WILL be someone who feels the same about what you do. As soon as you feel defeated, you will be.

Bitty Baby Bands

Photo by Paloma Lisa Photography



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