Creative and Unique Ways to Display Photos From FREE to Under $25!

Creative Photo Gifts
Creative Photo Gifts

This guest post by Melissa Badour, who will also appear this Monday on San Diego Living, on Ch. 6, between 9am-10am.  Go, Melissa!!!

The summer is over, the kids are back in school, and you’re left with what feels like hundreds of photos on your computer or phone that you just don’t know what to do with.  Perhaps you’re tired of the traditional frame, or you would love to showcase all those great Instagram photos, but what the heck do you do with a bunch of SQUARE, not rectangle, photos?  I’m here to share some creative and unique ways to display those precious moments and possibly even inspire some great holiday gift ideas.  Yes, the holidays will be here before we know it, so why not knock out a few gifts for the grandparents while we’re at it? Most of these ideas can be made with everyday items you have around the house (or items purchased at very minimal cost) and can be a way to get the whole family involved, even the kids!  Not a DIY’er?  No worries, as some of the most amazing soon-to-be keepsakes are only a computer click away!

Here are some easy DIY ways to display those favorite pics without breaking the bank:

1. Decorate A Frame.  Purchase a plain wooden frame and decorate with sand and seashells to display that perfect family beach shot you got this summer, or decorate it with crayons for that adorable “First Day of School” pic.  This is a fun craft the whole family can get involved in and the grandparents will adore the final product!

DIY Photo Magnets!
DIY Photo Magnets!

2.  Photo Magnets.  This is upcycling at its best!  Do you throw out those magnetic business cards you get in the mail?  Instead of trashing them, why not turn them into magnetic photos!  Just use glue or double sided tape, place it right over the advertisement and stick one of your favorite photos right on top.  Trim any overlapping photo and… voila…photo magnets!

3.  Clothespin Clothesline Photo Hanging.  Using two eye hook screws hang about 3 ft. of ribbon or twine across a wall.   Have your kids decorate clothespins by painting them and gluing buttons and/or beads on them.  Then, using those beautiful clothespins, hang your photos on the ribbon.  This is a great way to showcase all of those Instagram photos you took this summer!  Mix in a few pieces of artwork that are brought home from school and the kids will be thrilled to see it displayed so proudly.  If you would rather purchase fancy clothespins and twine, there are some great and inexpensive kits on etsy that are worth checking out too!

4.  3D Photo Frame.  Make your photos pop by incorporating this unique twist on the traditional frame.  Start by putting a piece of scrapbooking paper behind the glass of your frame.  Cut your chosen photo into 2 x 2 inch squares and Mod Podge them onto 2 x2 inch ceramic tiles.  Once they are dry, glue them directly onto the glass on the front of the frame.  This is a gift just about anyone would love!  Click here to see a video tutorial.

Photo Necklace
Photo Necklace

5.  Scrabble Tile Photo Necklaces.  The crafty 12-year-old entrepreneur that lives across the street from me introduced me to the most adorable Scrabble Tile Necklaces.  You can make them yourself by gluing a little photo onto the backside of a Scrabble piece, glue a jewelry bail on the other side, and then hang from your favorite necklace.  Or you can email my neighbor, the lovely Ms. Emma , and have her design it for you, for just $7!  Either way, it’s a win-win as far as your budget goes!

For the Non- DIY types (All under $25!):

1.  Creative Travel Mug.  Have a stainless steel travel tumbler custom designed with a collage of your favorite photos.  You send them your pics and they take care of the rest!  Enjoy a warm beverage with beautiful memories included with every sip.  Visit for more info.

2. Personalized Drink Coasters.   Place your hot or cold drink on a work of art! Upload up to 6 of your favorite photos to a website such as snapfish and they’ll turn them into coasters.  These make a thoughtful and inexpensive gift for just about anybody.

3.  Photo Mouse Pad. This is the perfect budget friendly gift for techies, students, and teachers.  Photo mouse pads are available in collage style (a 20 photo design!) or single image, and are perfect for home or office.  CVS and Walgreens both offer a great price for this very practical gift.

Share Photos on a budget on San Diego Living
Creative Travel Mugs Owner Melissa Badour and host Marc Bailey on San Diego Living

There you have it!  Displaying and gifting those one of a kind photos has never been easier.  Now you can finally pull some of those stored memories off your computer and phone, and creatively share them with those you love!

View the San Diego Living segment HERE!!

CreativeTravel Mugs Make Great Gifts!
CreativeTravel Mugs Make Great Gifts!

Melissa Badour is the owner of Creative Travel Mugs, a company that sells high quality, stainless steel hot/cold travel tumblers custom designed with your personal photos. Tumblers can be designed with 6, 10, or 16 photos which are beautifully placed in a collage around the mug. Additional sport bottle lids are available for purchase to turn your hot beverage Mug into a Sport Bottle for cold beverages! We also design business mugs with company logos which make great gifts for employees and co-workers. Creative Travel Mugs are environmentally friendly, PbA free, and a great personalized gift that’s easy on the budget.

Disclaimer: Melissa Badour is a client of as well as a featured blogger for SDBM.

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