Top Tips for Navigating Thanksgiving Day Sales

online shopper bargain mama“Black Friday” is a term inspired by retailers officially turning profitable for the year and “moving into the black” from the red (when business might still losing money).  It is the day after Thanksgiving when the brave and ambitious go hunting for the deals.  Some sales even are beginning on Thanksgiving now, so know your stuff and watch your back – it gets wild out there!

Here are some SUPER helpful tips for shopping Black Friday:

  • Know the day and time the sales start. Soon you will see when and where the stores will be open.  More and more stores will start their sales the night before (yes, on Thanksgiving!).  Keep your eyes pealed!
  • Do your homework and have a game plan. Black Friday Tips (worth the read!!)
  • Save even more?  Here is my post on The Online Mom sharing my five top tips for saving on Thanksgiving Day sales.
  • Use apps to help you manage the mayhem.  There are apps to find bargains, track spending, make lists, collect rewards and more.
  • Stick to your list with a little leeway.  Sometimes you find a really good deal, but know your limit!

I will be thinking of you from my warm bed! :) Happy shopping.

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