Don’t Get Near My Precious Nokia Lumia Icon #VZWBuzz!

Reef Aquarium 6 “Hey, stay away from My Precious!” If anyone merely calls my beloved Nokia Lumia Icon (Windows) device a phone, s/he is clearly downplaying its full spectrum! Simply referring to it as “the phone,” one is overshadowing the other most profound ways we can use it to not only communicate, but express ourselves creatively! I tend to name my phones, and actually refer to this new puppy as “My Precious”! Let that sink in, but do keep your distance!

I recently had the opportunity to check out the Nokia Lumia Icon as part of the Verizon Lifestyle Blogger program with The Online Mom. I consider it a delightful upgrade from my first true love (my first smart phone).  This device frankly has me feeling like I need to take a university course to understand all of its capabilities, but thank goodness the phone comes equip with video tutorials!

The first stage, naturally, for acquainting oneself with any new devise is embracing the discovery phase, and to me that means that when it is right out of the box I check out the camera feature first.  I was set in my convictions that I’d need to go outdoors and take advantage of photographing nature’s spring wonders to most ideally share this phone’s features, but then I realized that the sophistication that this little gadget, here, of mine has is going to allow me to practically climb into the tank, so I revamped my plan.

Reef Aquarium (no flash)
Reef aquarium (no flash) using Nokia’s fade out tool

I come from a family of lifeguards and scuba divers, and married an aquarist, but I am not sure my family members have anything on me in the area of getting up close into my husband’s living reef tank (and I don’t need mask and fins!)! I can’t help to think about how my photos will look once I have a bit more experience, but if this is what I am producing “out of the box” …. hold me down, as this is the next-best thing to checking out the corals face-to-face underwater!

Aquarium Instagram collage of corals from Aquarium shot above!
Instagram collage of corals using Nokia’s magnifying tool (all taken from the above aquarium shot!)

My goodness, this phone takes razor-sharp pictures!  Its 20-megapixel camera features Nokia Pure View Technology and Zeiss optics which offer far more than I might ever need, but I say “bring it on, My Precious!” I love that you can zoom in to your subjects even after you’ve taken the picture, and when you are snapping it, your viewing angle is of almost 180 degrees, plus you can take advantage of the 5-inch full HD screen, even in direct sunlight! In my case, I am practicing using its high resolution zoom feature while indoors (without flash) and applying downloadable apps and Nokia-ready apps/editing features to enhance the glorious clarity and color that one can’t fully appreciate with your bare eyes, even!

Most situations can be even be captured smoothly in 30 frames per second, so I will need to try again when the fish are out to play, next time. Nokia gives you the opportunity to reframe your masterpieces with different display sizes (4:3, 3:2, 16:9; 1:1), which offers quite a fun way to angle and manipulate the sizes you wish to share.

I have a couple other super fun features to play around with involving selecting the best facial expressions from a series of shots as well as fun tricks when video recording.  See you soon, but stay away from My Precious … or else!! It’s miiiiiiiine! Go find your own Precious!

Disclosure: SDBM received the Nokia Lumia Icon from The Online Mom for review.  All opinions expressed here are my own. I can also be found as a contributor (Stacey Ross) at The Online Mom.


  1. Wow! I love what you’ve discovered on this phone – ahem – The Precious! I have it, too, and must delve in as deeply with the camera as you have. Maybe not underwater, but you get the idea. 😉 Thanks for revealing some of its finer focal points. :)

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