Embracing My Life’s Purpose

backtoschoolpic2012I am in a Facebook group that challenged bloggers to chose one word that they want to focus on the for the year. Since “Carpe diem” is a phrase,  I chose the word “TODAY”.  I think women and mothers tend to contemplate and have dialogue about this topic a bit more than our male counterparts, and this is one reason why I think blogging and social media has caught on for so many of us.

Eye-opening, no?: I can see the beach right from my backyard, but how often do I hang out there, let alone take a dip in the water or run on its shore? In 2012 I came to grips with the stark reality that I was not approaching life with a balanced perspective (involving integrating the past with the present and then paving myself for the future) in a way that would allow me to really “seize the day” at the same time. I simply was over-committed and too scattered. As I began to take the steps necessary to manage my “plate” more effectively, I began to experience how things organically became more in sync with my personal mission in life.  Be it a more realistic work schedule (home office), a regular work out routine, or a more managed eating/sleeping schedule – each area has became a more defined piece to to the puzzle that has compelled me to regroup and refocus on not only the meaning of success, but on my life’s purpose.  Continuing on this journey is what will drive me into 2013 with more clarity!

Here are a couple inspiring poems help affirm what my 2013 focus will be:

17th century poem, “To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time”, by Robert Herrick  begins:

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,  

Old Time is still a-flying;  

And this same flower that smiles today  

Tomorrow will be dying.

The Latin phrase carpe diem originated in the “Odes,” a series of poems by the Roman poet Horace in 65 B.C.E., in which he writes:

Scale back your long hopes to a short period.

While we  speak, time is envious and is running away from us. 

Seize the day, trusting little in the future.

Check out this clip from the film “Dead Poet’s Society” (1989) starring Robin Williams where he challenges his students: “Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.”

How about you?  How much time do you spend reflecting and/or planning vs. living for today?


  1. I’ve started to realize how many times during a day I tell my kids, “Wait a minute, I’m doing something right now.” Of course, I never end up helping them or looking at something or playing with them. I am really trying hard to just drop it all and focus on THEM when they are talking to me. Life is going by so fast and nothing is more important than living your life in the moment.

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