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Olive Garden special deal
Olive Garden to go!

Are you recuperating from Thanksgiving and feeling the hustle and bustle of the holiday season?  Or maybe you could use a helping hand in the kitchen?  San Diego Olive Garden restaurants wants to lighten your load a little, as it is one of only eight pilot markets offering Weeknight Family-Style Meal Deals, but it is only until 12/2!

The reality is that life gets in the way of the traditional family meal out – whether sports practice, a late night at the office, or a tighter-than-usual budget.  I know that all too well, as between soccer, football, dance, etc… there are only a few night a week when we are all home for dinner at the same time!! A new national survey underscores there’s nothing better than connecting with family over a great meal, pointing out that 94 percent of adults with children at home said they feel closer to their family when sharing a meal together. In fact, 75 percent said they would like to eat together as a family more than four nights a week; however only 44 percent actually do. This is where the convenience of a handmade and affordable meal comes in….

Olive Garden is enhancing its To Go option at local restaurants, offering families a convenient and affordable way to share a delicious Italian meal at home during the week. Weeknight Family-Style Meal Deals are on the To Go menu until Dec. 2, available Sunday through Thursday after 4 p.m. The meal (only $29.95) serves a family of four the following: one of five family-style entrées, like Chicken Parmigiana or Lasagna Classico, garden fresh salad or homemade soup and breadsticks.

BEST PART:  Olive Garden will deliver the meal curb-side, so guests don’t even have to leave their car!Now that is something I can wrap my bread stick around!!

Find a local restaurant at OliveGarden.com. Connect with us at Facebook.com/OliveGarden and Twitter.com/OliveGarden.

Disclaimer:  SDBM is compensated for this post.

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