Mom Incorporated Book Tour Comes to San Diego Plus Book Giveaway

Hi Bargain Mamas!  I would love to share with you the website, Mira Mesa Mom, dedicated to serving and celebrating moms in and around Mira Mesa, while supporting local businesses.  The founder, Angela Quisumbing, also the “Celebrate Creatively” columnist for San Diego Bargain Mama, along with being the mama behind has some timely things to share, so here we go!   San Diego Bargain Mama celebrates Mira Mesa Mom!

At Mira Mesa Mom Angela shares events, recipes, savings tips, local attractions and many other resources that moms are interested in in Mira Mesa and surrounding areas in San Diego.  One noteworthy post is a book giveaway of Mom Incorporated: A Guide to Business + Baby, written by Aliza Sherman and Danielle Elliott Smith (photo below), which shares with aspiring moms ways to follow one’s entrepreneural dreams.

I have yet to read this book, so I look forward to doing so and to (hopefully) meeting the authors at an upcoming event this Tuesday, at San Diego’s Hera Hub, at a newtworking event hosted by Gina Alagata and Wink, Women Inkorporated. After endevouring in the area of working at home with little ones, I have my own set of experiences (from over the past several years) that tell me that the approach of being a work-at-home mom needs to be very, very well thought through, as I believe being a homemaker is one big job enough!  For sure a support team is the biggest key to success, as the factors of time management, quality help around the house, financial investment, and stress management (when one’s “free time” seems to bite the wind) …well – those are areas that I really urge moms (and dads) to consider as a team before embarking in something that often entails a significant investment of time, energy, and often more money than one realizes.

It comes down to priorities and sacrifices, and (just to get this out there) I think that the photos showing Mom in her office plugging away with baby on her lap, frankly, do not portray more than the opportunity for baby to sit on Mom’s lap while the photo is taken!  They are unrealistic, yet seem to be the most common way to depict the “mompreneur” spirit.  That off my chest, I will be thrilled to hear how other moms make it work for their families, because there are ways to work smoothly if things are implemented well.  These tips and tricks are crucial when specifically  shared by moms (who have been there) to moms (who are considering it), because often our “mom responsibilities” and ideals of keeping home and tending to kids as primary caretakers far outway those of our husbands, especially if they happen to be the primary breadwinners.  Considering family and marital needs inevitably becomes a big chunk of the conversation, which I am so glad will be addressed and dissected in this book and in its surrounding conversations!

Here is a teaser from her site, which I hope you will check out:

“Just because you’re devoting your time to raising your kids doesn’t mean you don’t want to follow your entrepreneurial bliss.” -Mom Incorporated

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? Do you wonder what it would be like to work for yourself?  I believe most of us have at one point or another. Most of us want it all – a family, a career, a regular hobby. I always thought it had to be one or the other, but Mom Incorporated: A Guide to Business + Baby shows us moms how we can have it all. It is by no means easy, but with the right guidance, the proper planning and a solid network it can be done.  More here.




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  1. Gina Alagata says:

    Thanks ladies for promoting this event! So excited to meet the authors of Mom Incorporated and learn some nuggets on life/biz from then. ~Gina A.

  2. Brenda says:

    How does one win a book?

    • San Diego Bargain Mama says:

      Click on last link,then scroll down. You will be on Mira Mesa Mom’s post and look for where it says, “Note: Be sure to fill in the giveaway form (name and email address) each time you complete an entry.”

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this Stacey! Also, thank you for sharing your personal experiences. A very valuable post indeed! Seems to me you got this work from home thing down ;)

    • San Diego Bargain Mama says:

      Hi Angela, It is beyond a balancing act sometimes. I think starting a business with babies/tots can be a rough road unless there is a solid master plan/team and a very well-thought thru business plan. I just think it is really impt. to share our experiences w/each other. So bummed I could not make it to the event. Mom duty! lol. :)

  4. I have to laugh about the baby on the lap while you’re working! Before my first child was born I thought I’d go crazy “sitting around at home” for six weeks while on maternity leave! Hah! Now I have three teenagers and I go to the office to get a break and do some easy work!

    • San Diego Bargain Mama says:

      Thanks for sharing. One day I will enjoy working out of the home again. Took a lot of late night hours to craft this whole WAHM thing, so I can have a dependable PT-job on my terms and be able to be at home with the kids. I agree about the pics; They are misleading. I am not big on being away from babies, but to show that they just sit around on our laps while we work is just silly! They need parent time. They grow up too quickly.:)

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