Frozen Snowman and Frozen Snowman Pro Apps Make for Loads of Holiday Fun!

Frozen Snowman AppThis post is brought to you by the creative team of app developers, Zyng!

How do you turn a couple bucks and some new i-OS apps into a fun and interactive wintertime play and even have video keepsakes to top that? I am about to show you! Since you are not bound to find snowmen at the beach ready to engage your kids with some snowball fighting action, nor see your kids’ play dates magically invite a majestic snowfall, you are bound to find hours virtual fun doing so from the comfort of your own home (or backyard)!

Don’t get too comfortable on that couch, though!  Like we did, you will need some actors, a videographer and a director!  As you and your family get into the holiday spirit and prep for trips and wintertime adventures outdoors, let your and your kids’ imaginations run wild as they take along these fun holiday apps that will have everyone gettin’ all festive in anticipation of Christmas and New Year!  Take it from me, the kids get super engaged (see our vids, below!) and have these easy-to-use apps all figured out in the time you can duck at a snowball headed your way! Get ready for hours of fun!!!   

“Frozen Snowman”  

Frozen Snowman (free version – with ads) takes kids on a play date (yes, to the beach!) with Oskar, the frozen snowman! Beware: Oskar wants to freeze the world, so get your snowball rolling/tossing skills prepped in gear and direct your attention to the ultimate virtual snow fight:  you against Oskar!

Use your “frozen powers” to make snow fall from the sky anywhere in the world (whichever setting you are at) and put friends and family in the animation right along with you and record it all!  It makes for a lovely keepsake for years to come! Kids from one to 92 will love this app!

 “Frozen Snowman Pro”

Pro Version (99 cents): When you win 1,000 points using the “Frozen Snowman Pro” version, you get to make your own movie with the dancing snowman (he is lonely below, so join in him and bust a move!) whom you have already “chilled” with earlier!  Bust some of your moves in a short movie starring yourself, right next to Oskar, who is hooked on dancing “Frozen Style.”  Maybe have a dance-off!  You also get to enjoy the snowflakes animation, and get recording with that, as well!

The snowman character is fun and quirky, and the original soundtrack and sounds complete the app and add to the festive experience! Enjoy an ad-free experience and loads of fun recording movies to share, play back, and when you are totally satisfied with your frosty work of art, upload it to, so you can enjoy the keepsake of your virtual wonderland adventures!

Stay posted for some more app fun, and when you get a change, share with us your winter wonderland creations!

Disclaimer: SDBM was compensated for this post.  App requires iOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPod touch (5th generation). This app is optimized for iPhone 5.  All opinions are those of SDBM. See the team of developers on Zyng for more information.

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