Fun Summer Reading Programs

It is summertime! June, July and August seem to have been designed for kids to get out and have “outdoor education,” and for so many of us, that is what summer is about!  However, if  kids don’t keep their reading up, they loose an edge.  Having been a teacher, I am quite aware that kids being “away from books” for even a couple months can be a set-back.

Ideally, we want our kids to be year-round readers, so setting up a summer reading plan is crucial or “the summer daze” syndrome can kick in. I am all for incentivizing kids to make the experience fun versus a chore – at least while kids are young. My neighbors rave about Barnes and Noble, where kids earn a free book when they read eight books , and they encouraged my family to take advantage of that program, too.  Like I have in the past, I began to gather a list of resources, but why reinvent the wheel?  San Diego Family Magazine has a great list of local summer reading programs that makes reading fun and and offers rewards! Book stores, libraries, the Fair, and even Pottery Barn have some fun offers – all for the love of reading! Anything missing?  Please leave us a comment.

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