Fun With Ch 8 TV Anchor Marcella Lee on a 4-Part Series, “Ways to Make Quick Cash”


Stacey Ross of San Diego Bargain Mama loves Marcella Lee.
CBS Anchor with Stacey Ross, founder of San Diego Bargain Mama.

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I worked recently with Ch 8 TV anchor Marcella Lee  on a 5-part (originally a 4-part, but added one more!) series, “Ways to Make Quick Cash,” but I had no idea that our couple hours at my house would turn into several TV segments! But the topic is HOT, so I was not surprised!

My first suggestion for making some quick cash was to just clean out your closet and drawers.  No joke, spring cleaning in my household has always entailed finding rolled up bills and pocket change!  While I had some ideas ready to share with Marcella, I then realized something and ran out to the car, returning with a large bag of goodies to share…. The cat was out of the bag (and you will see the contents in a couple of the segments linked below)!

Cash for Gift Cards

The first CBS TV segment shares how selling your unwanted gift cards. You can earn you up to 92% of their value.  Have I done this?  NO, but the process is simple!  I have heard of some that had received gift cards to places that were either too far away, entailed food not on the recepients diet, or just did not cater to their sizes anymore!  This service most very much came in handy, as the cards were just collecting dust.  Do not hold on too long to the cards, as the store might go out of business!  That happened with one card I once had and what good was it, then? Here is a post I wrote at the beginning for the year, entitled, “Earn Money for Your Unwanted Gift Cards.”

Quick Cash for Kids’ Clothing and Costumes

The second segment, “Ways to Make Quick Cash: Sell Children’s Clothing the Easy Way,” offers tips on selling kids’ clothes for quick cash.  I recommend consigning for a higher percentage (typically 40% of the resale price), but if you want to have it done with and want the quick cash, consider selling your clothing out-right at a local kids’ consignment shop.  When my kids were younger, I would use the credit for the store instead of taking the quick cash, then stock up on jeans, sweaters and toys, particularly looking for the almost to never-used merchandise.

Make Bank Using eBay

Turn Freebies into Free Money on eBay’ was a fun segment. Keep your eyes open for freebies that you can turn around and sell to make some quick cash. I share how my friend did just that, and had an check in the mail shorty after she posted her sale (I was wrong it was actually $80 sent right to her!).  I have another friend who pays several bills by reselling blue jeans and dresses that she finds by scouring the thrift stores.  Not for everyone, but for her it is a hobby!  A family member of mine buys equipment at wholesale and resells it for a sweet profit and makes this a supplemental income!! True story.

Flip Freebies Using and Craigslist 

I am amazed at the things that can be found on or Craigslist.   The Ways to Make Quick Cash: Scour Online Ads for Valuable Freebies segment gives examples of ways to turn freebies from those sites to cash. Once I saw a preschool that was going out of business post a “take all for free”  ad, as they need the remainder of their play gym equipment, toys and chairs hauled out ASAP.  Their selling window had expired and they just needed the stuff GONE!  I have seen this with furniture, tables and much more. Multiple photos of the item at hand helps, as does talking to the person before going to his/her home (recommend taking a strong man with you, too for obvious reasons and for the muscle power!).

Strike Gold at Goodwill

I think my face lit up most for this particular segment: Ways to Make Quick Cash: Resell Designer Duds to Make Easy Money.  When I go to my local Dollar Tree for school supplies I stop by my local Goodwill and head to the purses section.  I have bought several name brand, NEW purses there ($10 and under!) and used them for a bit.  Before they are too outdated, I take them to a local consignment store and either get cash back OR apply a greater amount in credit towards a new purchase.  I enjoy having multiple handbags, but would find it lavish if I did not find an affordble way to do such!  Oh, and if you need help determining what is real or fake, you need to read this post by guest blogger Gayle Falkenthal!

Do you have any (morally-sound lol) ways to earn quick cash that have worked well for you?  Let us know!

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