Gayle Lynn Falkenthal

Who I Am:

Hi there smart shoppers!  My name is Gayle Lynn Falkenthal.  As human beings we love the thrill of the hunt. In prehistoric times, being a successful hunter-gatherer meant survival.  So it’s only natural that so many gals, like you and I, love shopping.  I spent many blissful hours in my favorite stores “at the mall” as a sweet young thing finding the perfect item or scoring a blow-out bargain.  But other priorities like building a career, paying a mortgage, and running a household leave less time and even less discretionary income to indulge ourselves.  Add kids into the mix, like so many of you do, and fughettaboutit!   Then I discovered the secret of thrift store shopping. Imagine my delight when I realized the secret treasures to be found! Brand new designer clothes in perfect condition for a song!  Couture jeans I’d never dare to try for the taking. Beautiful bags and shoes at prices that made me feel like I was stealing!

My Goal: I’ve become an expert at landing amazing thrift store, swap meet, and garage sale finds.  For years I’ve kept my know-how to myself. Now that people are newly motivated not only to save money, but to use resources wisely, thrift store shopping is suddenly chic.  Who would’ve thunk it?  So I’m here on San Diego Bargain Mama to share my know-how with you.  I’ll tell you how to shop, where to shop, and what it takes to bag the best bargains.  Please share your tips with our smart shoppers too.   Email me at and reference “Thrift This!”  You can also email me at the address below.

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Visit my eBay store “TNBB” for some fun items I’ve picked out just for you.  My finds are your finds!


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