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holiday discount for Vertical Printing and Graphics
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“We create one of a kind custom holiday cards. ” ~ Vertical Printing and Graphics

The time is approaching when families will be thinking about preparing and mailing off holiday cards. Crazy, because it still feels like summer, right? Pondering ideas? Maybe get creative and throw on Santa hats with your suits before taking a trip to the beach this weekend;  just ask someone to take a family shot (and then do a little nip and tuck and strethchy-stretch with Photo Shop-lol) and PRESTO! Or plan B: Use professional photos or montages that share your family’s annual highlights. Or maybe just take your favorite shot of the kids at an event, where you actually captured them both looking at the camera the same time. Decisions, decisions!

One thing to cross off that holiday to-do list will be to purchase your custom-made holiday cards before October 31, 2012 so you can receive 25% off your order! Prices start as low as .40 a card for 100.

You have this opportunity now through Vertical Printing and Graphics. I have used them for years and must share that they offer the most professional customer service out there and do top-quality work!  Many of my family members and friends have taken advantages of their professional services, from branding online to our printing needs, and we always are taken care of and very pleased!

Check them out ant tell them SDBM sent you!

Disclaimer:  While Vertical Printing and Graphics is a client, all opinions are my own.

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