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I have been working hard in my BodyBack program that I am part of in Carlsbad. As a matter of fact I was huffing and puffing as I walked my kids home from school just four weeks ago, and today I did my first 5k in 10 years, and even topped my time. :) I am asked to chronical my journey in exchange for going through the program and doing such is a perfect way to celebrate this day-to-day journey. I went through it once (in front left) and need to backtrack a bit and resume just where I am today (gained ll the weight back & am not inshape, now)…

Body Back is the newest program release from Stroller Strides’ founder Lisa Druxman. It is a results-based workout designed specifically for moms.  We engage in targeted high-intensity workouts and receive inspiration and motivation in every class. Lisa’s “Mama Wants Her Body Back” meal plan and workout DVDs along with the classes and online/offline support are a true combination for success.

No way around this; the BodyBack program has been HARD work and is a journey about waking up my body and its potential, or as the founder, Lisa Druxman calls it, “an opportunity to find your inner athlete.” Over a couple decades my body had gone through some hardship; car accidents, a couple major surgeries and several foot surgeries. I let myself go and used those setbacks as excuses to not fully heal and move forward. While I did get chiropractic help and regular massages, I neglected to diligently recondition myself…then two kids back-to-back with years of nursing – translated four more years of dismissing the need to resume a much-needed strength and endurance-building program. Priortizing a phyical fitness regime as a way of life was pretty sporatic, and that was perhaps the most crucial time to pull myself together. So, some of my “training” now actually resembles rehabilitation, and that is OK! My aim at this stage has been to become strong, run 3-4 miles at ease and lose 15 pounds (measurable benchmarks are key). I will blog about it until I am there. I am going strong and working out the kinks!

Farel and Lisa, the fab instructors (how lucky am I?) of the group I am in, remind us every time to block out the “Gremlins,” those pesky thoughts of doubt or mental sound bytes that lead to self-sabbotage. Lisa encourages us to work through this “beautiful struggle” by creating new thought patterns, such as REALLY imagining (wish fulfillment) what we want to achieve and how we will sculpt our bodies into what we know is waiting to emerge from inside. The stickers around the studio remind us, “I can. I will.” Sometimes (on the fifth flight of stairs, or such) I think, “Hey, I am here; I showed up -that’s enough, so lay off!” Mostly, though, I am in it to WIN it, and not look at it as a chore (although it is not always fun). This journey has become very personal and VERY important to remain committed to, especially when the burn hits – when things are not peachy and I want to yell or curse (or give in at a party where all my fave food is tempting me!)…that is validation of growth, whether they are baby steps or not! :)

I have discovered something very, very empowering during this program: refraining from what is comfortable is HARD WORK that pays off! Dieters tend to want an easy way to show results, and it just does not work best that way! Saying NO to alcohol, desserts, ice cream, pasta, chocolate, sweet drinks….(basically, most of my favorite food) has been a challenge. I’ve very rarely slipped these past four weeks, and if I do I am just sampling something. So, for the meantime, I look at food as fuel, and that is about it. We are, however, given a food menu of delicious meals and snacks to choose from and I am told we will have another booklet with more recipes this upcoming week!

I am practicing real discipline – something that is not second nature to me. Food plays a HUGE role in most of our lives, especially as a way to connect in social situations or reward ourselves after a long or stressful day. It helps people unite, gives us a conversation piece and even pacifies us. It can move us forward or set us back. Each bite/swig counts for something – good or not so good. Planning each meal, snack and beverage making only healthful choices: powerful stuff. Logging my exercises/food intake and weighing in weekly: irritating, but necessary. Blogging: cathartic and well worth the agreement. TY for your time! Please share your journey by commenting below or let me know if you ever want to guest post!!


  1. Congratulations on coming so far, that is amazing. I loved hearing about your journey. Today being my first experience at Body Back, my favorite parts were 1-Using a mantra throughout the day; 2-Getting rid of the gremlins in your head, I think every time the instructor said it, I really needed to hear it; 3-Meditation at the end; 4-The workout, it was an amazing workout. I was really surprised that not only was it a great workout, but the instructor was able to connect with my mind –and everything is mindset !!

  2. Blogging and writing about my weight loss plan and my journey to a healthier me has definitely helped me stick with it. Finding online forums with people who are in the same stage in their quest for health has also helped me stay on plan. I wish you the best of luck in your journey.

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