Scoop Up Great Retail Deals in January

January is a great time for retail sales!
January is a great time for retail sales!

January is my favorite month for buying certain items. What purchases do you think are going save you the most money in this month?  In a nutshell: home goods, fitness gear and gym memberships, fall and winter clearances, and white sales!  Now for the juice:

Home Goods

January is a great time to buy a new TV. Something about the Super Bowl and throwing a big party might have something to do with it, but also the new shiny objects and models are out, so grabbing something that might not be the latest and greatest, but still pretty sweet might prove to be a more thrifty venture.

Fitness Equipment

Yeah, the whole new year’s resolution and losing weight thing comes into play big time this month.  You will see many of fitness products on sale, and you will prepared catch the best deals out there – right?  This includes fitness program deals and gym memberships!  Tip:  Try out the gyms before you join them and to get your money’s worth go to the classes that have the least amount of people; it seriously is almost like paying a personal trainer!

Fall and Winter Clearances

January is the time when shoppers scour the leftover Christmas items and lick the isles clean! Decorations, wrapping paper and certain toys after the holidays go quickly, but often there are still some back-of-the-store items that last until the very end of the month.  The sales get as good as 75% off if you are on your game.  Also, check out the clearance sections in the grocery stores, as every month they have special deals.  Baked goods, specialty items and seasonally-packaged gift items are top purchases!

White Sales

January is the known month for its white sales, which include table linens, bedding and towels.  And, no, the sales are not partial to the color white!  Some of the best deals take place the third week of January!  Seasonal clothing is typically marked 70-90% off the regular price, and additional discounts are often offered during the weekends. Some of the best buys include boots, coats, sweaters, and purses. Also, this is an ideal time of the year to purchase wedding, children’s, and baby shower gifts.

What are your favorite deals to find in January?

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  1. I never thought to buy towels in January, and I’m in need! Thanks for sharing this information, I’m going to be towel and linen shopping very soon.

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