Green Your Baby’s Nursery

Darcy Jo Kaushagen

Green Baby on a Budget

Baby on the way? Decorate your baby’s room in an eco-friendly way! Your choices to “go green” in the nursery can have positive effects on your child’s health. The following are a some suggestions:


All new cribs must meet federal Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines. But these guidelines don’t address certain materials that you don’t want a baby chewing on. Choose a crib made of  solid, sustainable wood, treated with non-toxic finishes, paint, or stains.

Mattresses and Bedding

Pick a natural mattress made without petrochemicals, such as those made of wool, organic cotton or 100% natural latex. If you decide to go with a conventional mattress, look for an organic mattress pad protector to protect the baby. Also, air it out a couple of months before placing it in the crib (this is for off-gassing). Read more here.


Check for lead in the paint (you can test this with a do-it-yourself kit). If lead is found, hire professionals, as sanding it or scraping it yourself could be a hazardous undertaking. Choose paint with low VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and make sure that you give some time before your baby stays in a room that is newly painted.


Invest in an air purifier to free the space of chemicals, gases, and household allergens. Open the windows every day to circulate fresh air. Also, green your air plants in the nursery.

Special thanks to two green-friendly San Diego mom-run businesses/blogs:’s video on just this topic! Also, we appreciate the advice from Baby Bump and Beyond.

*  These are just some simple suggestions, so please do ask many questions and do your own research. :)


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