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Chelsea Day

Budget-Friendly in the Kitchen

I’m in the process of moving, which is actually a great time to reorganize and institute better household
habits. My goal? Simplify. Here are some handy shortcuts I’m using to streamline things around the house to save space, time, and sanity.

  • Use baby oil as an excellent faucet polisher. Who knew? It’s also helpful in getting rid of annoying adhesive residue.
  • Spray  cooking oil in votive holders before burning a candle to make the wax come out easily. You can use it on measuring spoons before scooping out honey or peanut butter for easier cleanup, and it can also help remove stubborn sticker adhesive as well.
  • Use dryer sheets to remove gunk from irons, freshen cars, or scrub scum from shower doors.
  • Make an orange candle: The middle fruit fibers serve as the wick, and you pour vegetable oil around it to keep the flame going and prevent the orange from drying out.
  • Wipe salted citrus peels on coffee mugs to remove stains. You can also use them to deodorize the garbage disposal.
  • Save your baby powder!  Baby powder helps wet sand easily rub off after a day at the beach.
  • Use a cereal container as a handy, perfectly-sized car trash can.
  • Stick your iPhone in a cereal bowl. Instant amplification!
  • An old wet wipes container is the perfect size to store plastic bags.

INSERTED 1/24: Chelsea’s Ch 6 News TV Segment!

Want more cool tips? Check out  Little Diva on a Dime’s post on organization, and Julia’s Pinterest board which is all about keeping things simple. Do you have any favorite household tricks? Leave them in the comments!

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