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San Diego Bargain Mama blogger on Channel Six San DiegoAs owner of San Diego Bargain Mama I have had the delight to work with many local mom-owned business and start-ups, and appreciate the feedback I get from clients in regards to the services Team San Diego Bargain Mama offers.  When San Diego clinical nutritionist, Erika McDaniel, and founder of ConsciousParents.org suggested she write a testimonial for SDBM, I considered it an unexpected treat:

As a clinical nutritionist and a mom, I’ve been passionate about sharing information and ideas with the many parents who are interested in learning more what they can do for their children, to help teach about and live a healthier lifestyle.

One of my passions is to spread the message that eating nutritious, whole foods is not only paramount to the health of our future, but also pretty easy to incorporate into your daily routine.  So many parents approach me with the dilemma of wanting to be healthier with their families, but not knowing really where or how to start.  While I’ve done this with my clients and attendees to my seminars, I’ve been wanting to share these ideas with more parents seeking this type of information and was looking to kick start an outreach program on a grander scale.

In the brief time I’ve been working with Stacey, she’s already secured two television segments in the San Diego market, with news reporters who are also moms interested in learning the same things. Her enthusiasm to help other business owners build their brands, the way that she has done with San Diego Bargain Mama, is obvious. Her willingness to share her experience, her mistakes, and her learnings with her clients, is invaluable to someone wanting to take their business to the next level. Her knowledge in using social media, and other public relations strategies, has saved me years of learning by trial and error.  Her energy is seemingly endless, which is a testament to her passion for helping others share their message with a larger community.

Erika on FOX (Ch 5) “First Food for Babies” – March, 2012

Erika on the CW (Ch 6) “Heathy Foods on the Go for the Family” – April, 2012

Read more about Erika McDaniel and check out her resourceful blog.




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