Healthful Choices Over the Holidays – Jenny Craig Style

The Volumetrics® Approach is a lifestyle!
The Volumetrics® Approach is a lifestyle!

I have shared that I am under the tender loving care of the lovely ladies from the Jenny Craig program, as I am enjoying the journey towards achieving a more healthful lifestyle. I intended to stay for a month, but the supportive people at Jenny Craig extended my sponsorship for three more months (rah rah!).  Never in my life have I regulated and reduced my food intake for my overall health-sake as I have with this program!  I feel and see a transforming difference (have so much to share) and want to keep on track.  I am not considered too overweight, but I have found losing those last ten pounds that tend to creep up during the holidays (hem, like last year!) a much, much greater challenge than in the past.  I want it badly enough because I know how great I feel when I am trim and fit. No time like the holidays to stay focused on health and well-being, right?  I personally deplore fad diets and get thin quickly programs that do not encourage eating well-balanced meals from the get-go. I have never seen them effective, unless there were medical reasons, and I know far too many people who went that route and when the hard part (abstaining) kicked it, they caved in. This is why we hear so many say, “I have tried everything, and nothing seems to work!” “Tried” is never the part that works.

I love having my hand held as I continue to build new lifetime patterns that were, quite honestly, not part of my regular daily routine.  I was, by nature, a sweets freak and snacker, a habit that I continue, but just with better choices. I appreciate that Jenny Craig does a lot of the work for me by providing delicious and nutritious prepared meals.  I supplement them with the food I prepare for my family, sometimes, as I am becoming more accustomed to portion control and using the Volumetrics® Approach, my favorite take-home from this plan!  I think in the past several weeks I have eaten more veges than I had in the past year!!

Helen from Jenny Craig

I signed up to hear a Thanksgiving time talk at the center near my house, and for some reason I thought I was going to a cooking demo class, but instead I sat in on a most inspiring pep talk I have been to in a long, long time. A dynamic woman with some powerful messages for her clients, Helen, the center director at the Carlsbad Jenny Craig location shared a visual that I now have etched in my memory bank. When I might possibly make a move that would be counterproductive to all I work for, I think of consuming spoonfuls of Crisco, and then recalibrate myself:

helen from Jenny Craig

“When you make your choices during Thanksgiving and over the holidays you are basically telling yourself that what you put into your body is worth what will come from it,” Helen reminded us. “Don’t deprive yourself, just pause and ask yourself if your choice is worth it!”

Disclaimer: SDBM is under a sponsorship agreement with Jenny Craig. All opinions are my own.  

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