Holiday Entertaining on a Budget at Grocery Outlet

San Diego Bargain Mama loves the Grocery OutletThis morning’s TV segment (12/11/12) on San Diego Living (Ch. 6 at 9am) and this post is brought to you by The Grocery Outlet.

Hi! Stacey here! I had a wonderful time at the grand opening of the East Village Grocery Outlet months back, and was also excited to be asked to help them get the word out about their wonderful merchandise ideal for holiday entertaining.  I have done enough exploring at a couple of their stores in San Diego to be convinced that anyone can make a big splash with a tight budget shopping at The Grocery Outlet.

You can throw a very nice intimate gathering with plenty of food and drinks for all at under $50. You don’t need to spend a fortune! During the holiday season we all know that it’s the company of friends and family that matters, not how much money you spend (or don’t). Melissa Badour, blogger and contributor at San Diego Bargain Mama, is going to rock the set over at San Diego Living to share with viewers the ultimate tricks of the trade – all designed to help keep the holidays as stress-free as possible (post added below after segment aired).

San Diego Bargain Mama contributor Melissa Badour
Melissa shares tips for holiday entertaining on a budget using Grocery Outlet merchandise and some personal flair!

You will be amazed at the quality food and decorations we found at Grocery Outlet for about 1/2 the price as other grocery stores!  You can throw a very nice intimate gathering with plenty of food and drinks for all at under $50.  The key to extra savings (above their already impressively low prices) is to use a little bit of what you already have at home to spruce things up and to get creative! Also, don’t forget to get the kids involved in the planning!  Like we did, you can pair award-winning wine favorites with a nice variety of cheeses, crackers and gourmet chocolates.  They have Asian pears, kiwi, and all sorts of produce.  Our store-bought cookies and pie were all spruced up by ditching their packages and adding some embellishments (whipped cream always does the trick!).  How about those decorative trees, y’all? Grocery Outlet has loads of holiday decorations for up to 1/2 the retail price at other stores.  Get creative and use some of the items you already have ane like us, you will see that a mere $50 splurge can go really far! Party at Melissa’s, anyone? :)

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