Inspiration from One Hot Sweaty Mama

SDBM was recently honored to support Kara Douglass Thom, co-author of the book, Hot (Sweaty) Mamas, as she shared her knowledge and wisdom about fitness for moms recently.  She recently came to San Diego on a book tour and we hosted her as she appeared on San Diego Living and at Kidville in Carlsbad. Her hands-on tips and demonstrations shared ways to encorporate exercise into our busy schedules.

Kara and her co-author, Laurie Lethert Kocanda’s book  takes women beyond staying fit through pregnancy and getting her pre-baby body back; their book is about how to fit fitness into one’s life for the duration of motherhood and raise fit kids along the way.

Kara took the time to listen to each mom share one challenge that holds us back from moving forward in some way in the area of fitness.  She emphasized that while there can be validity to our limitations, there can always be a workable solution, even if it is not ideal.

Here are a few of the reasons moms say they don’t exercise (screen points):

1) Mother guilt – You say family comes first? Aren’t you a member of the family? Besides, when kids have parents that exercise they are more likely to work out as adults. What mom doesn’t want that for her kids?

2) Too tired – You don’t need to work out an hour everyday for it to “count.” Little deposits add up and when we’re feeling run down we advise workouts that are stress reducing versus stress inducing. Plus doing a little something keeps the mental momentum going.

3) No time – We propose four ways to get in workouts: make time, take time, share time and snare time. By using these four approaches some kind of workout is always possible.

Top Ways for Moms to Stay Fit:

If we were to list what a mom needs to stay fit, it wouldn’t be a gym membership or the latest workout attire.  What a fit mom needs to stay fit, according to Kara, are:

1) boundaries around her priorities
2) creative thinking so she can come up with plan B when the plan A workout fails
3) sweaty sisters (friends who support her)

Hear’s to sweaty HOT mamas! I’m on board! Kara, you are a role model for many. Let us know when you are in San Diego again!


  1. Stacey you were a wonderful host and I’m happy to know I have a new friend. When I return (and I WILL return) we will squeeze in some more time together. I had so much fun. Thanks for all you did!

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