Join the Great Kindness Challenge – January 14 thru 18

Join the Great Kindness ChallengeAs a former teacher for many years, I very much appreciate the collaborations of students, teachers and the community when they take on a project to spotlight goodness!  I am so pleased to be a sponsor of the Kids For Peace’s Great Kindness Challenge for schools happening January 14-18th, 2013.  The Great Kindness Challenge is a challenge devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible, choosing from a checklist of 50 suggestions. At this time about 200 schools around the nation plan to participate in this year’s event.

Our 2012 client, Erika McDaniel of  shared on Ch 6 a checklist to share with your school’s principal, and encourages children to get involved with this positive effort.  She shares, “While some schools are incorporating a school wide assembly into their week to kick off kindness week, it can be as simple as asking the checklist to be given to each student, and having their teacher announce it to the class.”

For more information, to register your school, please visit The Great Kindness Challenge. Feel free to register as an individual as well!

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