Kid-Friendly Comic Con Events in San Diego, 2014


The largest comic book and popular arts convention, Comic-Con International, returns to the San Diego Convention Center July 24 – 27, 2014, which means that the glorious geek fest is right around the corner. Far beyond attracting comic book enthusiasts, this event is now known for celebrating various facets of pop culture and brings together residents, visitors, local businesses, artists and entertainers from all over!

While I will not be attending this year,  yet I am most certainly going to help spread the word about local value and exciting opportunities! Many Gaslamp Quarter restaurants, retailers, and entertainment venues, are going to offer special opportunities to those not only with, but also to those without a badge.

The following are some go-to websites with the whole family-friendly (as much as that is possible!) Comic Con flavah in mind:

Comic-Con mania has hit the streets of San Diego! Larissa Wohl from our friends at The List shows you some fabulous and free events for the entire family!

Comic Con is a site put together by a couple who found their home away from home at Comic Con, so they like to share their tips for other parents, as well as share local cheap eats! offers tips for taking care of the really young ones at Comic Con, itself! This includes their kid care services and tips for getting around with kid in toe.

San Diego shares a variety of off-site events to take the kids to that are extensions of the whole Comic Con experience. If partaking in the whole culture of this time of year sounds fun, as does dressing up and having some adventures downtown, well, then suit up!  The kids will love you for it!

Gaslamp.Org is a super resource for finding a directory of Gaslamp SDCC specials and offers and a directory of off-site events. It also will help users with directions, parking and maps! offers some top suggestions for family-friendly events to take the kiddos to if you don’t have a ticket!

Enjoy! Enjoy! Share your photos via social media with the #SDCC hashtag and we are bound to pass one another’s geeky paths!


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