LCD TVs for Under a Dollar and Big Savings at Malls!

If you followed me on Twitter this past Black Friday, you would have seen my play-by-play tweets sharing the wild times Black Friday local shoppers were having in retail jungle.  While I sat home, the husband just drove around and peeped in the stores, reporting to me via Skype the craziness.  At one of the stores he popped into, he found himself inches away from a brawl that had people fist fighting and displays falling (newly-released video game). NO thanks!! He came home empty-handed (and bruise-free – LOL), but the next day he did go to Best Buy (was out in minutes!) and scored a HUGE deal, saving us at least 75%!!

So when do we find such comparable sales (preferably in a tame environment-lol) and luck?  Well, I discovered that The San Diego Union Tribune’s Tanya Mannes hooks up San Diegans with some HAWT eye-opening deals (including updated local mall deals!) worth checking out. How does a 22-inch Philips Flat Screen LCD TV, a $230 value, for less than a dollar, sound?  Be one of the lucky shoppers in line at the opening of a new San Diego’s 99¢ Only Store, at the corner of Market and 26th streets, and you might feel that Black Friday rush all over again!   Tanya shares that the store will, “feature a large perishable food department, including produce and a deli.” Other “door busters” the store will offer, through the week, are scooters valued at $29, $20 automatic powered scissors,  i.Sound iPod Shuffle Tripods (valued at $30), Hasbro’s The Moment of Truth Board Game ( a $10 value) and a lot more.

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Also, Team San Diego Bargain Mama is proud to be regularly featured on San Diego 6 News.  Tune in this Thursday at 8:20 am, when you will see our columnist, Angela Quisumbing, share some super creative Valentine’s Day gifts – all which offer great savings and fun!

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