Life With Aquaman in the Digital Age

steve and stacey rossThis post spotlights the Samsung Galaxy 4 phone via my husband, Steve’s business, Aquaman Aquarium Services.

My folks always said that there are plenty of fish in the sea, and to choose wisely. Good for me, I did just that, and well, I still get to be surrounded by all sorts of “fish in the sea,” in a non-figurative way, that is!

If there were a Fish Guys’ Wives’ Club…

There are special clubs for military wives, pilots’  wives and Hollywood wives, and the members all share a commonality due to the unique lifestyle of their love and marriage!   I have yet to be part of a “Fish Guys’ Wives’ Club,” however, but if I were, I am sure we would have some fun stories to shoot around.

Building a life with an aquarist, (whom I have always thought of as part artist, part engineer, part fish doctor) I still chuckle when people call asking for “Aquaman!”

If I were to swap Club stories, I would share about how on my third or fourth date I came to understand that I would have to be OK with interrupted dinner dates and the periodic mobile phone calls like, “Aquaman, I need help!” requiring his dismissal because a client had some sort of fish emergency.

aquaman aquarium dr office

I would ask who else had to contend with having an octopus who liked to slither out of its tank and enter whatever other body of water looked inviting enough to provide dinner, or retell the story of my husband’s client who treated his two 5 foot-long iguanas like ordinary pets, permitting them to roam freely around the house.  I would surely share about the client for whom Steve had serviced a tank for that housed merely one  (seriously!) goldfish!  His client named it Juan, so that she could tell her guests she had “Juan fish” that resided in her bathroom wall. Different wishes for different fishes, I guess…

samsung galaxy s4 image

Goin’ Mobile

Another noteworthy aspect of my fish guy’s job (and I have only been around for less than half of his career) is the advancement of mobile technology!  Highly impressive is the smart house technology he uses in some of his client’s houses, and it’s pretty awesome see things controlled by the touch of a computer keyboard (setting specifications for the aquariums, drapes and blinds, lighting, music, etc…).

Certainly the other fish guys’ wives, if their husbands have had the longevity of my Aquaman, have seen an evolution in cell phones, which could one day be an exhibit, itself, in a museum: starting with the pager, then the 5 lb. barbell of a mobile phone, to the flip phone, the touch screen phone, to more sophisticated smartphones and the now Samsung Galaxy S4, my fish guy’s fave, thus far!


aquaman corner aquarium

aquaman with jelly fish

aquaman jelly fish aquarium

So Aquaman is all thumbs up about the Samsung ! Let me list the ways he says he is so “stoked!”:

  • It can last for up to two full days with full usage (no recharging!)!
  • Each of his 150 or so clients have their name and information programmed in the Samsung, and are scheduled in his elaborate, color-coded calendar, which he shares daily with his assistant (I was the annual buyer of his notorious desk-sized paper calendar for years!).
  • He now rarely needs to call his wife (heh hem) at the home office to double-check the hand-printed master schedule,  check on a client’s personal file, or recite this daily agenda from his mini-notepad (that he might have forgotten every now and then)!
  • He creates YouTube videos to demo what he has done, or to advise what clients what they need to be aware of.
  • He photographs inventory and can create the invoices on the road, if necessary, thanks to Google Goggles!

Tide pools at Birch Aquarium2 So much now is in the palm of his hands!  And my favorite part is that I get to correspond with him throughout the day about what is going on with our kids, etc. by sharing and receiving texts, reminders, photos, etc., without feeling like I am interrupting him or talking into a tank!

And just that, alone, makes “Aquaman’s wife” happy!

Disclaimer: SDBM received the Samsung Galaxy 4 phone from Verizon Wireless for review. All opinions expressed here are my own. I can also be found as a contributor (Stacey Ross) at Online Likewise, I am on the Aquaman Aquarium Services payroll! 




  1. Love that he is using it for his business! My hubby was really into fish for a while. We are now just down to one giant tank with one giant Oscar in it. Now he is more into fishing for fish at the lake.

    I have a S4 as well and it is an incredible device. My husband has one also and I have shown him how to use the tools and keep it synced up with his Galaxy tablet as well. He is amazed at how easy it is – he just never knew how to get started before.

    Great review!
    Disclosure: I also work with Verizon Wireless in a number of ways in social media.

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