Medieval Times: Royalty Excursion for a Magical Price

Medieval Times 3The following is a guest post by Rabecca Ranaldi in which she shares her and her family’s outing, courtesy of Medieval Times. 

Imagine, if there were a place created where adults and children alike could go dressed in their best medieval attire, cheer for a brave knight during an intense joust or battle, enjoy a delicious feast complete with toasting goblets and bow/curtsey before the beautiful princess and her honorable father; the King. I think it’s safe to say every little girl has dreamed of putting her hair up in braids and ribbons with a sparkly tiara and fancy dress and every little boy has imaginatively swung a giant stick around pretending he is a brave knight with a big strong sword fighting off dragons and mangy beasts. That’s why I am so excited to share with you a magical place that my family loves… Medieval Times!

Let the Show Begin!

Now, let’s be honest for a moment… obviously they are not real knights. But I learned that, authentic to that era, new hires at Medieval Times begin as lowly squires and have to work their way up the career ladder to become a knight! So when you see the squires down in the arena scrambling to assist their knight throughout the evening, know that they really are young trainees learning to become a knight themselves; hoping one day to have their shot at performing in a live tournament.

I’ll give it to you that the knights are amazing to watch as they battle and joust with real weapons that are shooting sparks across the arena as they clang loudly together; connecting in a rigorous choreographed fight, but the horses are what catch my eye and steal the show every time. At Buena Park there are nearly 30 horses, including Frisians, Quarter Horses and Andalusians. They are boarded on site and take turns performing in the daily shows. These beautiful animals are born and bred at a picturesque private ranch in Texas. They spend the first three years of their lives learning all the initial training and skills require to then be relocated to one of the many castles in North America and work with a master trainer. Between the advanced level dressage, Spanish walk and synchronized horse step the tricks performed by these massive beauties are just breathtaking.

Medieval Times 2Food Fit for a King!

Aside from the incredibly talented 4-legged performers, the delicious feast fit for a king is another fan favorite activity at Medieval Times. Be prepared to relive childhood days of eating with your fingers, but here instead of getting in trouble… it is required. Don’t worry they provide plenty of wet napkins at the end of the evening. My kids’ favorite part is eating with their fingers! At home they will only eat oven roasted chicken after lots of prompting and a very enticing dessert, but at Medieval Times they happily dig in and eat it down to the bone. Maybe it’s because the menu is so unique: roast beast (oven roasted chicken), dragon soup (tomato soup), garlic bread, herb-roasted potato, spare rib, pastry of the castle, and select non-alcoholic beverages. There is also a wonderful vegetarian option available that I like to order for myself for some culinary variety. It includes a hummus plate, warm pita bread, carrots and celery sticks, 3-bean stew with fire roasted tomatoes and brown rice, and fresh fruit or Italian Ice (based on availability) Just let them know when ordering your tickets or checking in at the castle that you would like a vegetarian meal.Medieval Times 1

Now how can you afford this magical place you ask?

Typically Adult Admission is pretty pricey ($59.95) but let me give you some wonderful tips on saving a dollar or two to get there… Let’s first talk birthdays. If you have a birthday coming soon, go to and sign up as a member of the King’s Court and more specifically join the Birthday Fellowship. By doing this you will receive an email the week of your birthday for FREE admission to the park (with the purchase of one full-priced adult admission).

Right now Buena Park Medieval Times is offering a Spring Break Special where you can buy one get one FREE! There is also a general admission special currently being offered for $34.95, but this deal includes dinner and the show. If you are in the mood for a little royal treatment, there is a great deal being offered online; $20 off the Royalty Package… this brings Adult Admission to only $39.95 and includes VIP Seating, (which is quite convenient if you bring little girls who want to catch a beautiful flower kissed and thrown out by the knights during the program), commemorative Program (the kids love looking at this even after we get home), a Knight’s cheering banner to wave around during the program and a Behind the Scenes DVD (one per party).

• $34.95 Adult Admission General Admission / Child Admission $29.95 March only discount use code 34SAVE until the end of March.
• $39.95 Adult Admission / Child Admission $31.95 with Royalty Package use code 205WEB14
• $59.95 Adult Admission Spring Break Special (March 2nd- April 30th 2014 valid Sun-Thurs only) Buy1 Get1 Free use code SBWEB

If you aren’t ready to go this month, make sure you go to their website anyway and register as a member of the King’s Court so you can receive emails with their updated specials and coupons, its totally worth it!

We hope to see you there soon! Hhaaazzzaaaaaa!

Disclosure:  Rabecca and her children were treated to the visit, courtesy of Medieval Times.

Please follow Rabecca Ranaldi at if you, too, have a dream to be an urban-green-thumbed-self-sustainable-farmer!  Rabecca is a mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend. She is  proudly a San Diego native; California born and bred.  Rabecca began writing in Kindergarten but more memorably in high school where she learned that poetry and creative writing could be used as an emotional outlet to not only express yourself but allow others to glimpse into your world and really feel what you are going through.

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  1. I love Medieval Times! Haven’t been there in years. Need to go again; it’s thrilling and such great fun! Great post! Thanks for sharing.

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