Meet Ayana Pitterson, San Diego’s Thrifting Diva


Meet Anaya, San Diego's Thrifting Diva, "weerkkin'" her sequin top!
Meet Anaya, San Diego’s Thrifting Diva, “weerkkin'” her sequin top!

I recently came across a fun blog run by Ayana Pitterson, a San Diego mother, wife, lawyer, service member, fashionista and self-acclaimed thriftaholic.  Her blog, Thrifting Diva, shows you that you can still look insanely awesome and fashionable without breaking the bank. Ayana’s love for all things thrifty gives you a glimpse into the closets of those who find thrifting rewarding – much more so than hitting up the malls and expensive retail stores. She actually sets up bus excursions to try out various thrift stores in San Diego and make it a fun day event – clever!! 

Don’t get her wrong, as Thrifting Diva tells me that she loves a great fashion label, designer pieces and quality clothes! You will see throughout her blog, however, that she acquires these labels at fraction of the retail price. It’s often a wonder that more people who love their fashion do not venture past the malls to see what there is  to offer in the various thrift, vintage and consignment shops that are spread across San Diego.

thrifting diva

What is also refreshing about her blog, is that it not only shares her thirst to find great pieces at very low prices, but her ability to step outside the box with pieces that will leave most people categorizing as “grandma” clothes.  In acquiring a gorgeous sequin top (see top left photo, above), the Thrifting Diva, stepped outside most of our comfort zone and paired her top with denim shorts and cute heels.  As she says in her blog piece, “… a beautiful shirt, gorgeous weather, and some confidence is all I needed to weerrk my thrifted sequins.” 

Thrifting Diva dress

One of her goals of her Thrifting Diva blog is to inspire more people to step out of their comfort zone with respects to where they shop, and what they normally will wear.  Color seems to be her thing, and while that is something that most ladies shy away from, Ayana wears it well!  While she has used thrift stores to buy many pieces for her wardrobe, she is able to experiment with her sense of style all the while, yet not spend a fortune.  Check out her blog for more ways to experiment with fashion and save, save, save! 












  1. Thanks for the new blog to peruse! I love thrift stores. In fact, I’d say about 80% of my wardrobe is either hand-me-downs or thrift finds. I just get anxiety when I shop at department stores. I’m more at home at a thrift shop and we make it a family ordeal when we go.

    I think Ayana needs to be my new friend. :)

    • Melissa – It can be fun! Which are your favorite shops to check out in SD? Her bus trips to shops sounds like a fun idea.

      • I usually go to Amvets by the airport. They have great deals on weekends where most items are 50% off. Other than that, I just pop in to whatever thrift store I happen to be near by.

  2. San Diego Bargain Mama, thank you so very much for the feature! Melissa, we can definitely be new, especially if you share a love for thrifting like I do.

  3. If you like thrift shopping, try estate sales! It’s hit and miss but deliciously fun and most people arent there for clothes. i have bought cool 60’s sequinned cocktail dresses for my daughter nad beautiful cashmere sweaters for myself. So much fun. Love to see Ayana make it all look so glamerous!

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