Reclaiming the Healthy Me With Help from Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig's Cheddar Cheese Omelet
Jenny Craig’s Cheddar Cheese Omelet

I am entering three weeks, now, on my “diet” and already feel and see the rewards!! In just two weeks, I can now fit back into my “skinny jeans” (a tad tight, but it’s progress!). I have never had an easier eating plan with tastier food than I have been enjoying while on the Jenny Craig program. I eat premade meals, along with fresh fruits and vegtables several times throughout the day.  I have a large variety of meals, snacks and even desserts to chose from! Take a lookie at the delicious cuisine I get to eat! I love their Asain chicken, meatloaf, chocolate pie and pancakes – for starters.  My kids want to know why they can’t be on this “diet”- lol! While I have decided to refrain from consuming juice, alcohol and candy, it is my choice, as one can work in sweet treats periodically.  Putting aside those three along with embrasing the practice of portion control is enough to melt the pounds away on practically anyone.
I have met many people who say they have “tried everything”, and while that might be true, I highly suggest keeping it super simple and not going extreme on anything. Limit your weaknesses, and eat less. Get better exercise, eat more salad and veges, and drink water. This is how simple it is, but we ladies tend to get carried away with diets that make things way too complicated. This is what I love about Jenny Craig.  No nonsence.

Truely, the Jenny Craig program is like training wheels for a healthful lifestyle.  Sometimes to get on track we consider hand-holding a weakness. I consider this opportunity a gift.  I have a personal consultant whom I check in with and weigh weekly.  She is my food supplier, and I report every bit I eat to her, as well! :)

I am saying goodbye to the extra 10 lbs. I’d put back on after my horrible year with the shingles and the after-effects – the worst pain I had ever gone thru (did I say ‘ever’??). I am still suffering from nerve damage, and am unsure if it will ever totally go.  That unfortunate experience set me back, as I was becoming healthier and more physically fit than I had in a long time.  The unfortunate period also became an excuse for me to revert to old patterns.  The best time for me to get back on track is before the holidays, or the challenge just becomes greater after they are over.  I am soooo grateful for this opportunity.

I let a part of myself go, and now I feel more empowered with a little help.  The food is affordable and it actually has prompted my entire family to eat better.  We save hundreds of dollars a month not eating out, now, too!  We decided to put that money into saving up for trips and some kyacks!  Funny how priorities shift.  More to come…

Disclaimer: Jenny Craig is sponsoring my month of meals and services.  All opinions are my own. Photo c/o Jenny Craig.

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