Resources That Help Us Prep for BlogHer 2011

SDBM will be at BlogHer 2011.

It is time for the annual BlogHer conference and this year it will be in San Diego at the San Diego Marriott and Convention Center! BlogHer’s mission is “to create an opportunity for all kinds of women bloggers to pursue exposure, education, and community.”  I am excited to be attending my first conference and thought that sharing some locals’ BlogHer posts would offer great information and insight.  Enjoy the reads and PLEASE leave a comment below.  We look forward to meeting our online friends and making new friends, too.  Hope to see you there!

Are You Going to BlogHer 2011 in San Diego?

Mommy Loves Coffee  offers some great travel tips and suggestions for visitors and families to explore, from entertainment and tourism spots to places to eat.   You will also find other sites that are full of information pertaining to BlogHer’11 and a vacation to-do list.

Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?

Momfia shares some recommended hot spots for those who plan to visit the enchanting Hillcrest. “Hillcrest has many nicknames here in America’s Finest City: ‘The Swish Alps,’ ‘Lavender Heights,’ and so on. Yes, Hillcrest is known for being San Diego’s most ‘lively’ neighborhood.”

Blogher, Baby…with my Baby!

What a great perspective!  Chelsea of SomedayIllLearn shares her tips on navigating the conference with baby in toe. “Every blogger in the nation will either be there or be home wishing they were there. It’s my very first time going to BlogHer and I’m taking baby along with me!”

BlogHer ’11: The Wardrobe

 Red Lotus Mama gives us tips on staying fashionable, yet being comfortable, too! On the button about what the most asked questions BlogHer attendees ask about, Nicole reminds us that what parties to plan on going to is right up there with what to wear.  

What Not to Wear: The BlogHer ’11 Fashion Edition

On her site, The Little Hen House, Morgan, the “Mama Hen,” gives not only basic guidelines for how to dress for a blog conference, but also suggestions about what NOT to wear.

What’s the Closest…(aka What’s Around the BlogHer Hotel)

San Diego Blog Conference offers several resources to help with your conference experience: “We remember last year in New York, when we had no idea where to go for simple things around the BlogHer site hotel.” This site is bound to be a sure help for those that want to explore or have something in particular to check out outside the conference area.  A noteworthy post I highly recommend on this site shares toddler-friendly activities nearby.

Using Public Transit at #BlogHer11

Natalie, blogger behind The Bobby Pin, has spent the past 2.8 years working for public transit in San Diego on the marketing and public relations team.
She urges us, “If you are just popping into San Diego for the few days for the conference, definitely utilize the Trolley and bus system.” She knows her stuff.

Getting Ready for #BlogHer11 – Must-Haves and Must-Do’s

We are going to network, too, right? From gadgets to a cocktail dress, you will need to go prepared to meet fellow bloggers from all over map!  I found some of the best tips on this post at Miss Lulu Blogs.


  1. Great resource, especially for a newbie like me! I didn’t know fashion was so high on the list! I must go shopping NOW! Thanks for sharing all of these resourceful links!

    • Not too high on mine, but I now have some great tips. Comfort to me is king! Thanks, Angela.

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