Rivers of Hope Foundation Brings Awareness to Adoption

san diego bargain mama loves rivers of hopeMost don’t know there are 1,000 kids wanting to be adopted in San Diego, seeking forever families. I was so honored to connect with San Diego’s Channel 8/CBS anchor Marcella Lee to tape some TV series that featured SDBM, but to me she has always been known for featuring San Diego children who are hoping to be adopted by loving San Diego families. Her “Adopt 8 stories” on CBS have been touching hearts and making a difference in San Diego families for years and years.  I particularly am taken by the videos CBS shoots that show adopted kids years later and share clips from their original videos.

I am also so impressed that San Diego Charger Quarterback Philip Rivers and his wife Tiffany run the Rivers of Hope Foundation, which really sheds some light at how caring the San Diego community is (also partner up with CBS San Diego and Marella Lee).  I hope you share these videos with others!

Right on!

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