San Diego Bargain Mama – A Social Media Junkie?

Photo by Howard Rosen - February Cover of The San Diego Reader, 2012

Hi friends!  My friend, Deb, is interviewed in the featured article of the current San Diego The Reader (link below/photo to the right)!  This smarty behind San Diego Momma, served as a pioneer for so many of us, as she helped open our eyes to the whole blogging thing, and actually was a huge inspiration to me back when I was trying to figure all this online stuff out!  One thing I surely have in common with Debbie is that I make it my business to interact, however the social component of it all can become a bit addictive, if I am not careful (just being honest, here).  Twitter and Facebook do not come with warning labels, yet as I share in my interview, they can be a huge “time suck” if I do not exercise a bit of self-restraint.

While  I am here (and not on Twitter), I find it fitting to share what so many ask weekly, “Do you make a living blogging?”  Well, yes, I have to somehow support this addiction, don’t I?  :) I have had to seriously look at my time management skills and watch the clock to keep my priorities in order, as like the TV can lure some in detrimentally, so can engaging online. But, yes, I have turned my hobby into a job and using social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, has made this all possible!

My main income is from being an online consultant/virtual assistant to several local business owners and start-ups that all offer online and local value.  While I earn a decent amount getting the word out via this website,  I also  bring in a consistant income freelancing about family-related events, places or topics.  The neat thing is that I am passionate about what I write or share, and that makes a big difference! Almost everything I promote (products, services, events, deals sites, etc.) is amplified and celebrated thru the “San Diego Bargain Mama” brand via social media.

San Diego Bargain Mama is a community of moms looking out for each other, sharing resources and tips for finding the best for less, both online and offline!  We use both traditional and social media as a way to meet others and network. Unlike any other ways of reaching out, these methods allow us to meet some the most interesting, creative and entrepreneurial people! While the overuse or misuse of social media can be a a big problem to some, as I share in my interview (part of the featured article), it has proven to me to be the most effective and revolutionary tool for networking and connecting, which is so important in today’s digital age.  And no- I am not in denial. I am hooked, but in a good way (um…I think).

Thank you for your support and for being a part of this community, too!  ~ Stacey Ross, “San Diego Bargain Mama”

The San Diego Reader Interview

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Let’s connected on my personal Facebook, too!

PS:  This is the most perfect opportunity to share with you a “command center” I am familarizing myself with, called Find and Remind, an online organizing assistant and community builder.  So far, sticking to a schedule has been challenging, but this virtual tool holding me accountable.   More to come on that….


  1. Thanks for writing about this here, Stacey, and for your kind comments.
    I love what you said in the article about the lines between being online for business and for socializing are becoming blurred. It’s so true, and I think a lot of us find ourselves between the lines, not sure which way to definitively step.

    And also? YOU were MY online inspiration way back when.

    True story.


    • Thanks, Deb. It was fun to humor some of the elements of our daily worlds. You are great!

    • I hear you, Deb. We learn so much in this “game” – but it offers such great value that this is what needs to now be shared! XO to you, stacey

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