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Jennifer Laurent San Diego Mom Author
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Will you tell us a little about yourself?

I am Jennifer Laurent, a single mom who is very grateful to stay home and raise my son while being able to work doing something I feel passionate about: writing. I love yoga, health and fitness, reading, and the beach. I continuously seek ways to expand and stretch my limitations in whichever direction they take me. I love life and all the peaks and valleys it has to offer.

How you first got involved in with blogging?

I began writing my first book, Excerpts From the Heart of a Mom about 3 years ago. As I got closer to being finished, it was recommended to me that I begin a blog so that I would have a platform to share my writing and my thoughts about conscious living. I loved the idea and quickly created where I blog about conscious living and conscious parenting, as well as share my poetry and photography.

How do you find that social media has helped you as a mom and in business?

Social media provides a way for me to connect with thousands of people with common interests, goals, and intentions. I have access to an abundance of knowledge and inspiration. Most importantly, I am able to share my work and grow my business on a schedule that allows me to focus on my son. 

What do you find most challenging about blogging and do you have any tips for others who might be interested in doing the same?

The most challenging part of blogging for me is trying not to put to much pressure on myself. My writing comes directly from my heart and so I truly find I need to be in a state of connection and inspiration to write the types of blogs that I value. Life has its difficult moments and so there are times when I find I simply can’t write. The challenge here is to stay in the moment and have faith that my inspiration and creativity will return. A tip I would love to share is to write ahead of schedule to help lessen any possible pressure. I find that if I have a few weeks of posts written I can enjoy the freedom of no pressure.

What contributions do want to be known for in the blogging community?

My intention in blogging is to inspire others to find the courage within themselves to face challenges, look within themselves, and attempt something new in order to live a conscious life. I hope to contribute new ideas and a platform where others feel they are not alone.

Have you found anything interesting or unexpected about blogging?

I think what has been most unexpected about blogging is how healing it has been for me. There is something very cathartic about sharing your life experiences with others. Once I began sharing my own journey through life, I became very aware of the way my heart further opened.

What is your favorite location in San Diego that you consider a real bargain?

My forever favorite bargain stop is Target. I can go there for one item and get lost for hours!

What is an interesting thing about you that people might not know?

I absolutely love house music and country music. Go figure!!

What is your favorite time and/or money-saving tip?

My favorite time-saving tip is planning ahead. I find that when I know exactly what needs to be done in a day I am able to accomplish more in a shorter time. By removing the time spent thinking in order to figure out what is next, I have more time for my son and actually find time to focus on me.

Everyone has a favorite post. Name yours and why?

My favorite post is titled “Falling In Love”. I remember sitting down to write this post and the feeling of complete peace and contentment that overwhelmed me. I think that we all struggle at times with truly loving the person that we are and taking the time to honor ourselves. I will never forget the moment that I truly fell in love with me. I think this was an important post to share and I truly hope it resonated with my readers.

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