San Diego Blogger Melissa Inspires Creativity and Upscaling

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Melissa, Her Husband Thom and Their Two Girls
Melissa, Her Husband Thom and Their Two Girls

I had the great pleasure of chatting for about an hour with Melissa, the San Diego blogger behind the blog Making it Sweet. A foodie, crafter, seamstress, and bargainista all in one (and that is not even sharing her business-savvy side!), Melissa expresses her passions in her do-it-yourself project posts “made by hand and from the heart”.

Here are a few posts geared toward “bargain mamas” that are some of my favorites:

  • Make food pretty with scraps that you’d usually throw away!
  • Buying in bulk and making freezer meals helps a family budget!
  • A store from Melissa’s past called Ortwine’s that’s still in business (and their prices and inventory has not changed)!
  • Melissa’s post, “Planning Mya’s Candyland Birthday”, still has my mouth watering!  She shares how to keep things affordable and fun, but WOW, her creative talents radiate!
  • I recommend this upcycling post about preserving broken crayons in which she shares how to upcycle them into cute cupcakes, which (news alert!) I tried and succeeded in doing!
  • I loved the Fish in a Bag party favor!  The project is super creative and relatively simple, and makes for a great conversation piece and activity for a thematic party or sleepover!

Melissa shares, “Whether it’s by baking a special treat for a friend, throwing a well-thought out party, or sewing something nice for a child, the goal of this site is to help and inspire you.” And that it has!



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