San Diego Deals and Helps Families Save

san diego bargain mama loves san diego deals and stealsHave you checked out San Diego Deals and  The website is a great resource to help San Diego families get out and treat themselves and their families to fun and affordable outings, deals and freebies.

The owner Kate shares that her frugality was born out of the desire to stretch her one-income household into one that could also afford an international adoption process.  In the process she has become a strong advocate for adoption and inspires and supports many others who are thinking about it or are in the process of adoption! One of my favorite things she shares on her site is how she saves money grocery shopping, and I particularly liked her Whole Foods on a Budget Challenge.

Kate enthusiastically spreads the word about everything from couponing to local freebies, rewards programs and awesome tips to keeping a budget.  Kate is one mama who puts her money where her mouth is, and then back in her purse-lol! She is also a delight to know.

Ohh, before I forget… Tomorrow, May 8, you might be interested in the free ice-cream day at Haagen Daz post I found on San Diego Deals and Steals; looks pretty tempting!

Do you have any favorite local websites that offer great value to San Diego?  Do share!

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