San Diego Santa Sightings 2012

My Unexpected Santa Sighting!

Old Saint Nick, accompanied by Christmas carols and holiday decorations, seem to pop up closer to Halloween than Thanksgiving lately, but who is to send a nice guy like that home? Not I, because I know he is around us throughout the year, anyway!  Somehow the magical guy’s known proximity tends to motivate the kids to turn up their behavior notch a bit, especially during the holidays!

We are really fortunate to have a couple AMAZING Santas that live nearby!  One morning I woke up to see Santa across the street (threw my clothes on to pose with him in a photo) and I immediately recognized him as one of the Santas from the Westfield Plaza Camino Real Mall in Carlsbad!  He was shopping at my friend’s garage sale and buying unused Christmas items for kids, then began telling me about his sixteen grandkids!  I got a little verklempt!  Another nearby Santa (no joke) makes toys from wood, and the dead giveaway was his beard and when he asked my son what he thought about the toy train he was making.  My son is eight now and still does not question…. :)

So where to find our friend, Santa?  Try these links for starters, and please leave your favorite places in the comment section!

Malls – Consider meeting up at the malls or outlet malls in San Diego for a day of shopping and check ahead to see Santa’s hours and ask when the best bet is to visit him and his crew.  We tend to alternate between the two.

Events – Countywide holiday events and festivals are a great places to take your own candid shots with Santa during a family outing.  Take advantage of San Diego’s kid-friendly events to take other photos, including those with Santa.

Santa Writes to Your Kids – Welcome to Merry Mailbox! My girlfriend sells personalized letters from Santa Claus for your loved ones and hopes to make you smile all year round.

Please take a look at her blog at:

SDBM Tips:

  • Keep in mind that the mall Santa set-ups do not obligate you to pay for portraits, and have no problem with your merely snapping a couple of your own (While it is nice to pay for the service, Santa is an added bonus to keep you in the mall shopping!).
  • Visiting Santa with the kids on an early afternoon weekday sure can save you and yours a ton of  time waiting in line!
  • Take a snack and drink for the kids if you predict a line longer than twenty minutes.



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