San Diego’s Keith Kanner Shares How Families Can Help Cope With the Shooting Devistation

Dr. Keith Kanner of San Diego
Photo c/o Dr. Keith Kanner

The horrific shooting in Newtown, Connecticut is a very difficult thing to take in, especially since we are enjoying the holiday season and celebrating with family and loved-ones. I was taken by the support and tips that San Diego’s Dr. Keith Kanner, licensed and board certified clinical child, adolescent, and adult psychologist and psychoanalyst, gave during the San Diego wildfires years back and referenced his blog and resources. I connected with him back then and then recently in real life to work on a couple projects together. I am so glad that he is sharing tips to families in respect to the in various media platforms:

Dr. Kanner shares in his post an interesting approach to take. In “Another School Shooting? What to say to your kids” Dr. Kanner advises, “I suggest that parents wait for their kids to bring up the school shooting rather than introducing it yourself. This is because they may have already discussed it at school today.”

Also, in “Another School Shooting? What to do.,” Dr. Kanner gives common characteristics of criminals who might commit such horrid acts, and also stresses that if adults and students, alike, were better educated about such identifying characteristics they might be able to bring to attention the disturbing traits that might be overlooked.

I asked Dr. Kanner today if he plans to share more tips other than in his posts and practice. He shared, “There was a horrible national disaster today in Connecticut. I will try to help people understand how this can happen and how to help your kids tonight on UT-TV San Diego during the 5pm newscast. In the meantime, please pray for the families and hold your kids close today after school.”

Watch U-T San Diego’s own channel on Cox channel 114, AT&T U-verse channel 17 and 1017, or on their website at 5pm!

You can check out Dr. Kanner and engage with him on his Your Family Matters Facebook page and Twitter account.

Meanwhile, hug your family and count your blessings.

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