SDBM’s Top Tips for a Frugal Super Bowl Party

Football close up.Football season tends to turn this household into an echo chamber of laughter and excitement. And then there is the Super Bowl! With the 2013 Super Bowl less than two weeks away, New Orleans is making its final preparations to host the NFL’s championship game between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. Dubbed America’s biggest party, Super Bowl games are considered an event to over a hundreds of millions excited fans and viewers. So how to keep the costs down?

We have some ideas to keeping the costs down as you raise the roof:

Shop Smart 

The favorite food during this event is chips and dip and chicken wings.  Save by making the event a BYO food and beverage deal!  One suggestion is to not buy the ready-made trays at the grocery store; they are over-priced and not all that creative, anyway. Instead fancy-up your food and consider cutting and chopping vegetables for homemade dip the night before (get the kids involved!), shopping at warehouse stores and preparing Crock Pot meals.

DIY Food Prep

Shop dollar stores or outlet stores for appetizers such as small pizzas, chicken nuggets, and pot suckers, then and doctor them up with some toothpicks and garnishes. Avoid pre-packaged food trays and you will save a ton! Don’t worry about name brands, either!  Also, consider having a few types of popcorn to go with the chips – it’s a lighter snack and cheaper, too!

Skip the Fancy Decorations

Don’t hate, but the guys are not going to miss your football-shaped bowls and noise makers! Instead, onsider picking up some team color napkins at the dollar store and throw some team posters up (or print something from the internet) for fun. Encourage your guests to come in team colors and have the kids paint some posters!  That should do!

Get Free Stuff in the Mail!

A website that comes to mind is is a business that matches companies with the consumers. They might be able to find you a suitable company send free samples to help you host your party. You get free stuff, they get promotional advertising! Win-win situation.

Do you have any fun, creative tips?  Do share!


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