Lisa Druxman of Stroller Strides Summer Body Countdown

Lisa Druxman, Stroller Strides CEO
Lisa Druxman, Stroller Strides CEO

Guest post by Lisa Druxman, Stroller Strides CEO

Most of us can’t help but think about getting in shape during summer time. There are no longer bulky clothes to hide behind. It’s the time of year to don your short shorts, tank tops and bikinis. We want every mom to feel confident with her body and to take advantage of the fun of the season.

I have long been a believer that most of us try to do too much too fast when it comes to weight loss and fitness. So, I am doing some daily Summer Body Countdown posts on my blog with just one focus each day. See how you can incorporate the tips in to your daily life and notice how they add up! We love your comments so please do share your successes, challenges and questions. We wish you a happy, healthy and fit Summer Season!

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