Support I Heart Carlsbad Schools Week, April 28th thru May 6!

San Diego Bargain Mama supports "I Heart Carlsbad Week"!
San Diego Bargain Mama supports "I Heart Carlsbad Week"!

The quality of education our Carlsbad students (and for that matter ALL California kids) receive is well-worth our discussion and suggestions.  In order to keep the standards high and our kids the priority we need to come together and make our mark by having our voices be heard!

I have worked in and/or lived in many, many school districts, but none has empressed me with the kind of devotion Carlsbad residents and schools have to see what they can do for the schools during tough times.  I have witnessed such a generousity of time and resources in planning for “I Heart Carlbad Week,” so much that I can only compare it to how the community pulled together during the San Diego wildfires (jaw-dropping cummunity effort/spirit), which is what got me kick-started in the world of blogging, in the first place!

The Carlsbad Educational Foundation is one of the most hard-working and impressive groups I have had the honor to assist.  Their staff and dedicated Celebrate Carlsbad Day volunteers will be promoting and enjoying delicious “I HEART CARLSBAD SCHOOLS” burritos from Señor Grubby’s during a well- deserved lunch break!  You too can share the experience and support our local schools and businesses during “I Heart Carlsbad Schools” week April 28th thru May 6!  Check out all of the local businesses who have generously committed to participate at!  I suggest you print out this list.
Also, now is the time to join our Facebook group, Carlsbad Unified Parents, if you haven’t already. And if you have, add your friends!  Join the fun today!


  1. I supported Carlsbad schools (even though my kids are in a different district) by going to Carlsbad Day at Legoland on Saturday – which I learned about through San Diego Bargain Mama!

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