Seven Thanksgiving Crafts Sites to be Thankful For!

Turkey Gumdrop Craft c/o Muffin Tin
Turkey Gumdrop Craft c/o Muffin Tin

(Updated Post) I, personally, find so much more meaningful the seasonal handmade kids gifts than anything store-bought.  The following are some fun Thanksgiving craft ideas that offer loads of fun and fabulous keepsakes!

Lovin’ that has cornucopia crafts, Mayflower crafts, Pilgrim crafts, harvest crafts and lots more! How about a place card?

Kit Bennett of shares how to make a candy-filled turkey place card holder.  Is this not just adorable? These are my favorite! Save your old CDs!

I love this: has some really cool preschool craft ideas!

I found at at BHG.Com somemore super cool centerpieces. They also make for awesome placeholders. Love, love Craftionary.Net for their 25 Kids Turkey Crafts, offering tons of turkey crafts for Thanksgiving, from colorful activities to wreaths and table decorations.

Refresh your memory and check out how to make a traditional pine cone turkey at  You will like the little twist this one offers, though! I need to have the kids make at least one of those!

I share this one every year: Michelle, the awesome San Diego mama has an awesome craft (photo above) she calls “Gumdrop Apple Turkeys for the Table.”

I’ll bet if you searched through your Halloween stash you would be set! Enjoy and please share your holiday crafts, too!!

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