The San Diego Breastfeeding Center Launches San Diego’s First Breastfeeding Support Clinic

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Come In For Your Breastfeeding ‘Tune-Up”

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The new Breastfeeding Support Clinic launched by the San Diego Breastfeeding Center is the first of its kind in San Diego.  This small group provides support for mothers who need more breastfeeding guidance than a large support group provides, but may not feel that they need or can afford an in-home lactation consultation.

Mothers should consider attending if they are still working on minor challenges such as uncomfortable latch, long feedings, fussy baby, dealing with thrush or plugged ducts. The clinic also is suitable as a refresher or follow-up to an in-home consultation.

San Diego Breastfeeding Center Founder Robin Kaplan said, “I started the Breastfeeding Support Clinic because I feel all breastfeeding mothers in San Diego deserve professional lactation services, at an affordable rate.  Until lactation services arecovered by all insurance plans, this is a way for me to reach the mothers who truly want to breastfeed, but are unsure of how to overcome their breastfeeding challenges.”

During this 1-hour clinic, mothers and babies receive hands-on breastfeeding help from a certified lactation consultant, as well as nurturing guidance to overcome whatever breastfeeding challenges they may be dealing with.  The added benefit of attending the Breastfeeding Support Clinic is that this small group setting will allow for mother-to-mother support, which is incredibly vital to a mother’s success with breastfeeding.

Mothers who want to attend are required to register in advance, as the class size is very limited due to the one-on-one nature of the session.  The clinic also offers gift cards to present to new mothers as a baby shower gift.  For the price of 2 cans of baby formula, new moms can be back on track with their breastfeeding plans. Doesn’t every new mother deserve that type of support?  

Breastfeeding Support Clinic

Where: Whole Family Wellness Center, 3010 5th Ave., San Diego, CA 92103

Cost: $35/1-hour clinic

Registration is required ( 

Robin Kaplan, M.Ed., IBCLC, RLC is an international board certified lactation consultant and the owner of the San Diego Breastfeeding Center.

For more information about her breastfeeding classes, support groups, in-home consultations, and breastfeeding/parenting blog, check out


Robin Kaplan, M.Ed., IBCLC, RLC


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