Time for Some Meal Deals During Restaurant Week: Jan 13 thru 18, 2013

restaurant weeek san diego 2013Which cuisine satisfies your palate the most?  I am more of a sushi and Italian food enthusiast, but I can dig an occasional steak, too! San Diego Restaurant Week, held twice annually, is an anticipated culinary tradition that features “discounted prix fixe menus” from more than 180 of San Diego’s best restaurants in 12 unique regions throughout San Diego County.

You do not need to buy tickets or passes, just take advantage of great discounts, but you are recommended to make reservations. January of 2012 over 140,000 people participated in the event and even more are expected in September!

Read more about San Diego Restaurant Week: http://www.sandiegorestaurantweek.com and check out San Diego Union Tribune’s Keli Dailey’s tips and suggestions!

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