Time Management and Family Bonding in One!

I can count on two hands the amount of times each week I hear my fellow moms either say, “I’m crazy busy!” or “I just have too much on my plate.” Then I typically add one more finger for myself!  The platform, FindandRemind.com, over the past several weeks, has helped me take command of my seemingly never-ending to-do list and household affairs, leaving me more aware and empowered.  Users can manage their schedules and online communications with their families and affiliations, such as sports teams, religious groups, playgroups, etc.

Where was a mom to start?  Merely my “kid department” appointments include involvement and transportation to their schools, dance lessons, soccer practice/games, music lessons, playdates, field trips, etc… and keeping up with those responsibilities alone  (and our dog’s needs-lol) is a job in itself!  I am sure many of you can relate.  And, when the schedules are rearranged, I suppose I could get out my eraser and start from scratch, but I would prefer keep track of everything virtually, quite honestly!

With so many options at my finger tips, I feel a greater control and ownership of my obligations when I am put to the test to commit to things in writing.  When, recently, a wonderful opportunity came my way (something that I’d really wanted), I needed to return to what my top priorities were, and the schedule I saw right in front of me showed me, point blank, that I needed to decline.  I have found that over-commitment leads to chaos and stress, so by using the online calendar I feel compelled to become more realistic about how much I can squeeze in in a week, frankly!  Management and accountability – biggies for me, as I shared when I first started using FindandRemind!  Getting off-task is a work-at-home hazard, I confess, so I can appreciate the great value that this platform offers for users to be accountable to oneself, one’s family, as as well to private groups such as carpooling friends, religious groups, classroom parents, playgroups, etc.


When I wake up, I  head first thing (OK, after Twitter-lol) to the Command Center (above) that features various options to stay connected.  I can decide if I am going to communicate with an established group (or create one), create an event, make a to-do list, blog with a given group, and more.  Two features have personally captured most of my attention – the first being the Calendar that I create for myself that displays my daily and on-going events and to-do lists.  I program it to remind me via e-mail when an event is coming up and gives me the option of assigning photo icons in the calendar.  When I put something in print I truely hold myself more accountable!  I even get 7 hours of sleep at night, now, which huge for me!

Besides tapping into the functions that enable me to share friendly reminders and special notes with my family (a.k.a. “nudges”), I introduced my kids to the world of blogging, and am at ease that they can now share with family members photos and their personal thoughts, while maintaining privacy.  This is a big deal, as learning what is on the kids’ minds is quite amazing!  Blogging is a perfect way for the kids to write and be creative.

My son agreed to share his first post (unedited), in which he shares why he loves our new dog (whom we had adopted just weeks before our other dog passed on):

Our Dog, Spot

This is our new dog Spot.  He is part chiuaua and part Boston Terrier.

He loves playing frisbee.  I feed him food and water.

I love how he cuddels a lot. he is so fun for all of us. 

We all love him a lot!  This summer i cant wait to take him swimming! 


My 9 year-old daughter’s post (also unedited) shares her healthy grieving over our late dog that passed away way too soon.  She was pretty close to this pooch!  Anything short of asking to read her diary, I would not have seen such heart-felt thoughts.  It was only from this blog post that I came to discover that she had taken this photo in her bedroom and had uploaded it onto her computer!

We Miss You, Buddy Boy

I just found this picture of Buddy Boy.  We are really sad that he  pased away but we mostly think of the good things like when we, went to the park, He loved chacing that frisbee like a  peace of meat!, And lastly he loved laying down with me!!! All in all, i will always think of him for the rest of my life!!!!!    

By, Rainbowcutie

In a world where it seems everyone is tapping into technology and seemingly over-consumed by it, I am reminded that we have the ability out there to have “our tools” help us not only be less frazzled parents, but to also use technology to bring us closer as a community and enhance our lives.  I have been sharing notes with my friend Chelsea of SomeDayIllLearn.com, who is also exploring FindandRemind with her family, and she is getting feedback from her family members who are grateful for this, too, as they are not comfortable with Facebook and bulk emailing as a means of keeping in touch and swapping photos!  Surprisingly, I discovered a creative way to tap into my kids’ minds via their blogging, enabling them to share things that typically do not come up at the dinner table (which in modern times we need to be sure to schedule, too! lol).

While things still seemed a tad overwhelming to navigate at first, I am now finding that that is in part due to my newbie-ness, partly because there are lots of options, and also because the platform is in its BETA stage.  I would love to see when this is available on my Android (Galaxy Tab), as to keep me on task while I am away from my home office – that will be key.

Today FindandRemind sreminds me early on Friday mornings (via e-mail) that it is laundry day.  In the future, perhaps the vibration mode or an audio tone reminder on my Tab will get me into gear if I happen to be away from my computer.  Maybe someone can program it to ZAP me  or yell, “Get off your tush, now!”

This post is sponsored by FindandRemind.  All opinions and dorky attempts at humor are my own.


    • Thanks! It also helps me see where she needs help with spelling-lol!! I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. “T-Bone Thunder” wants to blog about his sandwiches-lol.

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